Sunday Selections

This is a new feature on my blog called 'Sunday Selections' it's literally a selection of my favourite things from the week! This is not my idea but comes from another similar feature on another blog. I would mention them but I can't remember it's name-sorry!

T.V Programme: Series 8 of Waterloo Road now in Scotland started on Thursday and I was so excited after a cliff-hanger ending to the last series! Waterloo Road is one of my favourite programmes because the school deals with all sorts of problems and it's never short of some drama. 

Film: I went to see Brave 3D with a friend last Tuesday. It's really funny and even though it was only a PG I jumped. Here's the trailer:

Video: If anybody was watching X Factor last night you would've seen this video during the break. I'm so excited for the DVD Release! Been waiting ages to see the Special Features, there's over 3 hours on the disc. This is one of the main reasons I don't mind going back to school next week, as long as I have my DVD in my hand. This is a great video, I love the countdown! You can view the video here

Music: I can't pick just one track from this week that I love! I've listened to Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift so much. It's a really beautiful song and I also really love the video. Then there's Wings by Little Mix which is a very upbeat, fun song. It went to Number 1 earlier today and I think that Little Mix are amazing roll-models to young girls.

Watch the video carefully at around 3 minutes!
Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift

Wings by Little Mix

Book: My Best Friend and Other Enemies by Catherine Wilkens is the funniest book I've ever read! It is going to be published on the 6th September and is a must read! The drawing are quirky and are on every single page. It really helps you picture things and the front cover is very colorful. I loved everything about this book. You can find an extract from the book here

Purchase: I have been doing my school shopping this week but, of course, I'm not exactly a big fan of my plain, dark uniform. I have visited Claire's Accessories twice this week, and I was so excited to see a Hunger Games range! I bought a Mockingjay pin for £4.99 which is the best price I've found for them.

Well, there's my Sunday Selections!

Hope you all have a great week! My competition has now officially closed and winners will be announced really soon. Thank you loads to everyone who entered it.

Keep Day Dreaming,


  1. I've been doing Sunday Choices, and I think Isabel and Nushi started doing them after me too! I think it's great when loads of people do the same idea, so them we can compare!

    1. It's a really great feature! They're really fun to do as well! I would have gone to your blog before I put It up but I couldn't remember where I found it. I just remembered that I loved it and thought it was cool! Great idea & I will give you a mention next Sunday!

  2. And, here's another award!


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