This Is Now Part 3

This is the third part to a story I'm trying to write. I am actually really proud I've stuck to it and wrote as much as I have. You can read part 1 here & part 2 here if you haven't already. Here's part 3, 

As I eat I watch the snow fall outside my window. I can see some young children making snow angels in the meadow and feel my chest tighten. I'm shocked back into reality when my phone goes off. I glug down the last of my hot chocolate and reach for my phone that's on top of my bedside cabinet. '1 Unread Message' is flashing on the screen.

'Charlie, I was wondering If I could come and see you today? It's been a while'

There's only one person who's still in touch with me, Skye. He visited my in hospital and bought along his I-Pod so we could spend hours just listening to our favourite music. I know that, after my mum told me, he would come and visit everyday on his bike-even. Even when I was in the world of subconsciousness he would sit beside me and talk to me. 

The only problem is what if he comes to visit and realises how helpless I now am? Maybe it's time he moves on,  finds someone else to ride down to the river with. He always said when I was down that 'Time will heal it, I promise' but, in this case he must realise it won't. I'm about to reply and tell him 'No' when Lily comes in.

'Who was that?' she asks, but she must know but right now I'm trying to make up for the past six months of hardly speaking to her so just reply with one word,

'Skye' but it sounds longing, desperate, desperate to see someone you miss. 

She picks up the change of my voice 'What did he say?'

'He was just wondering if he could come and see me' I reply, trying to disguise the latest change of my tone

'That's nice of him, you haven't seen him for a while' she says happily opening up my wardrobe 'What do you want to wear?'

'Lil...' I say ready to give a full explanation of why seeing him is no good for either of us but I can't continue. How can I just break her heart like that? It would be the first time I've seen any friends in a month now.

'Charlotte you have to invite him over' she sounds so responsible, way older than her small amount of years 'Your pushing him away, he's one of the best friends you could ask for and you know he's probably more than a best friend. You can't lose him now'

What do you think will happen next?
Will she except she needs Skye?
Will she understand what her sister's saying now?

Keep Day Dreaming & A big thank you for getting me to 2500 pageviews too!

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