Swap That Blog!

'Swap that Blog' is a new feature set up be myself and Amy. Each month you dedicate one whole post to another blogger in return for one whole post on their blog. They can either talk about something on your blog like a new competition, giveaway etc. Or it can be a guest post. Swap That Blog will be a feature on the 28th of each month(I'm a day late because I forgot)

This month Amy asked me to dedicate her post to the competition now running on her blog.(P.S My competiton has been extended until Friday-you can check out the rules by taking a look at the post dedicated to me on Amy's blog.)

All you have to do is:

  1. Become a member of Amy's blog
  2. Make her a blog button
  3. Email it to with your name and entry attached, by the 5th September (winning entries announced on the 10th September), and tell me if you're NOT from the UK
  4. Win great prizes.
Anyway, all you've got to do is make her a new button for her blog and you can use this if you want to come 2nd or 3rd, but the WINNER will have to create one from scratch.

Here's what you can win:


  • A MYSTERY BOOK (not second-hand, or any of that rubbish). And it might actually be SIGNED sent to your house
  • The button made by you will be Amy's NEW blog button (no pressure)
  • You will have a mini-review written about your blog by Amy
  • A Guest Post on Amy's blog, linking back to yours so you become famous
  • Your button added to Amy's sidebar
  • Sorry, but for postage reasons you have to be in the UK to come first place, please tell Amy beforehand if you're not from the UK.


  • You will have a mini-review written about your blog
  • A Guest Post on Amy's blog
  • Your button added to Amy's sidebar


  • A Guest Post on my blog
  • Your button added to my sidebar
And then just email with your entry attached, all by the 5th September (entries announced on 10th September). Just LITERALLY send your name and entry, and if you win THEN you will  be contacted asking for your address. You don't need to be a certain age, but you HAVE to be a member of Life of An Awkward Donkey to enter.

That's everything! If you would like to 'Swap That Blog' with me next month just comment or get in touch with ME by email -

Keep Day Dreaming & Swap That Blog! 


  1. Haha, thanks so much! But what do you mean by the first prize's mystery book being 'sent to your blog', because I'd send them the book by post..? <3

    1. It's okay! Sorry that's just a typo, oops!


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