Music #2 - Behind the Lyrics(Demi Lavato)

After an immensely stressful day in school it's really great to come home, on a weekend and be able to write one of my favourite posts-about Music! My plan was to do a post about 'Songs with Music' but when I picked my first song, I decided to do a post all about one artist, Demi Lavato!

Skyscraper means so much to so many young girls out there, including me. It tells you that no matter what, you can still come through your problems and the tough times in life. I personally can relate to this song on some many levels and because Demi Lavato's lyrics truly mean something. She's been bullied and has had problems with her weight since she was so young. She made me realize that keeping your problems to yourself is not the right way to go: that it doesn't help. 

Another thing that had really hit me is that she has come out and spoke about it. Demi is now not afraid to hide her problems and because she came out with them has helped so many people. There was a documentary on MTV all about Demi going back on tour, which, was so interesting because you got to see how she dealt with all these problems. It was called Stay Strong, which are Tattoo's she has on both her wrists. I've got to say that I think she looks so healthy and a lot happier now than she did before. 

La La Land! It was the first Demi Lavato song I really loved(And still sing along on the Sing It Wii Game)

Give your Heart A Break

I used to dream about being a Disney Channel actress but, since seeing how hard Disney actually are on you I've changed my dreams(A LOT). Demi has inspired me to be myself and stick up for who I am. There are so many body image issues going around right now because being a young girl is hard, not mentioning if you were growing up in the public eye. I couldn't do it. Then there's the fact you have to be a role model and have so many people watching it. 

Competition results coming tomorrow!


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    1. Thank you so much. Your blog is so inspiring for us teenage girls.

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