The Meadow(Poem)

So, I no today here should be no post and a poem should be tomorrow's topic but I haven't posted over the weekend. I had planned to do my competition results but it won't allow me to copy and paste them onto the page so as soon as I figure that out I promise they will be up.

Anyway, onto the poem which I composed walking home from school earlier on my phone.

As I sit here
Where the wind blows
A meadow surrounds me
As the daisies grow

My life is an empty canvas 
Waiting to be filled with the memories of us
 in the meadow

I pick some daisies
I make a chain
To wrap around your wrist
and stay there forever

This is where the chance lies that
there will be tomorrow,
today is our last to be
and I'm here in my meadow

A deer roams free
walking through the entwining trees
Where it can follow it's heart 
Unlike me

I take a deep breath
like it is my last
and reach for where my sketch book lies
filled with the stories of our time in our meadow

Sketching a picture of the young deer
with it's light brown coat
I wonder if someday there's a chance
my life will be something like it

A rose bush is growing in the corner
which runs onto an open pathway
where one day we'll leave through that gate
and leave our meadow forever

So, as the rain starts to pour
it brings a tear to my eye
as I realize
we will never leave our meadow,
my meadow,
the meadow

I hope you like it and that it made some sense to you!
By the way, this means there may not be a post tomorrow unless I can get the competition results up. Who knows though? Knowing me I will find something, somehow to blog about.

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