So today I had my first detention..

No worries, this is just a title to my newest 'FICTION' story. I did not find love in detention!

So, today I had my first detention which I found out are pretty over-rated. You sit there chewing on the end of a pencil with the only background noise of the teacher typing on her computer. I did notice there were no bullies from higher up in the school there, sitting in the back, feet up on the desk, chewing gum. I picked a seat one row from the back, not wanting to be tipped of my chair by the older boys who didn't turn up anyway. I found myself in detention because of Skye Blue, with his bright blue eyes and his smile that lights up the whole classroom. I couldn't help being startled when Mrs Jones finally woke me up from my dream. I also couldn't help staring at her with a blank expression, drooling over how he looked in tuxedo, until she finally decided she'd waited long enough for an answer. That's how I ended up there. But to say that I'm actually extremely happy even though I'm my mum wasn't when I walked through the door, only to find out Mrs Jones had rung. The fact that I'm grounded doesn't even matter because Skye ended up in detention with me.  He found the whole situation funny and just burst out laughing while Mrs Jones was in the middle of my ten minute lecture on how I will learn from my mistake. So, even though it felt like an hour I couldn't help sitting there pretty pleased with myself for picking the right day to think about my wedding with Skye. As soon as he walked through the door to Class 10 where detentions are help my heart stopped. The same procedure I go through every morning when he walks into Maths. I think I all together stopped breathing when he took the desk beside mine. He smiled at me and after a few seconds of me just staring at him I noticed he was looking at me in a worried way. I forgot I'd stopped breathing and returned his smile. Just then the teacher had got up from her desk and spoke to us,

'I'm not happy to see some of you here' she had said, which I'm sure was addressed to me and Skye 'But I'm sure this will teach you a lesson and you will be back on your best behavior' As she sat back down I felt something land on my lap. I looked down to see a note with Sophie written in Skye's perfect handwriting on the folded piece of paper. I stole at him a glance and in answer he just pointed to the note. Nervously I opened it and read-

So, want to come out with me after we're done here? x

He even added a KISS! My reply was simple!
Of course I would x

And know as I sit here, the only clear thought in my head is 'Who knows maybe this could be the start of something beautiful?'

Just a little note from me on the 9th September I had 109 pageviews! Compared to my normal 20-45! So thank you everyone!


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Sophie Louise