My Opinion on Freedom!

'Some people have too much freedom, 
then give us all the label'

Do teenagers have too much freedom? Are we out too late in the nights? Do we do what we want, when we want? I think this is a tough subject too argue. If we have don't have enough freedom were obviously not going to be ready to handle life when we leave home, especially if our parents are always setting the rules and taking us out. Then, if we have too much freedom, we are never going to be able to follow rules or instructions, parents will lose their control. In my opinion, I think that some teenagers, yes, have too much freedom. I know girls who are in my class that go out to nightclubs(Y9) and stay out late every night. We're age thirteen and growing up too fast. I think there is a point where parents give us too much freedom but also where teens won't listen to their parents and follow their rules. Then, some parents don't trust us and don't think we can handle going out and having some fun. I think that we should be allowed some responsibility and trust because it helps you learn how to handle money and find your way around your local area. You also get to be with your friends and having some freedom is great because you get a chance to have fun. When your parents allow you out or let you arrange things with your friends you feel trusted, like they are giving you that responsibility and understanding that you are growing up too.

As you get older you begin staying out later and in some cases getting into more trouble. Don't you feel intimidated when you go to the shop and there are teenagers surrounding the place? Or walking the streets? Who are messing about and swearing? I do. Vandalism, Litter, most of it comes from us teens and it gives us a bad name. This is why people agree that we have too much freedom.  Although, there are only a small amount of irresponsible teenagers out there. Who decide to spend their time giving the rest of us bad names. There is too much freedom in these cases. Where they act in this way, they give us all a label. I, and most the population of teenagers don't cause trouble. There in by a sensible time but are able to have fun, be responsible. We're branded as well, as having too much freedom. Why should we? Some of us can actually handle some responsibility? While some others are given too much freedom and parents lose their control or their authority. I think that we should have as much freedom as we can handle. We shouldn't all be branded as having too much freedom because even some of us don't have enough. Some people have parents who don't let them makes their own decisions about when they want to go out We need some trust and in return we need to be responsible! We are all labelled as 'troublesome, with too much freedom' Not all of us are! We need to be respected and trusted with enough freedom so as when we leave home we are not loss but we are not troublemakers who have always been in charge!

Do you think that some teenagers get too much freedom?
Do you think that these people are the one's that give us all a label too?

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