This Is Now Part 4

I have no reviews to do this week so I've decided to write Part 4 of 'This Is Now'. If you haven't read any of this story yet you can find Part's 1, 2 and 3 here.

I glance up at her and realize she's already regretting her words. I look into her eyes and see in them the worry about what she's just said and all her worries. Have I already upset her? Lost the sister that has been missing from my life for the past six months? Will this make her change her mind? The pain, the worry, everything she's been through and her words actually made sense. I'm pushing away one of the people I care most about in this unfair world. Skye, he must have suffered too. Unbelievably, I've been too blind until now, too selfish to pick up on how everyone seems to have slowly disappeared from my life. I sigh and take a second before picking up my phone, that is now hidden away under my blanket and text Skye.

Of Course!

I type and then glance up at the clock hanging on my wall, 12pm. 

How about 1.30pm? x

I press send and sit and wait for the reply. Lily is already picking through my wardrobe and choosing some things for me to wear: A pair of comfortable black leggings and a simple but brand new purple top that Lily bought me for Christmas. Around my wrist already is a charm bracelet, given to me by Skye almost six years ago for my eighth birthday. Five beautifully designed charms hang on the bracelet with ' Forever' crafted inside the band. Skye decided to finally explain it to me when we were sitting on the river bank with our feet dangling in the fresh water. I was holding the bracelet in my hand, tracing the writing when I decided to ask Skye,
 'Are you ever going to tell me what forever means?' 
He sighed and splashed me with some water but I fought back and sent a wave in his direction 'Fine, fine' I laughed as he finally gave in and told me 'Forever, it means me and you, it means our friendship. Wherever you are you will always be wearing your bracelet so, you can remember when your down, that there's still our friendship'
I was completely in awe of his speech and the reasons behind the bracelet. 
'Were you planning on leaving some time soon?' I asked, sure he was going to admit that he was moving away and that we were never going to see eachother again.
'No, just I wanted to prove to you that we would be this close forever' he had answered me 'You always seemed so afraid someone was going to come along and our friendship would be over'

That was true, I had been so lonely before Skye had arrived at school. I had been an outsider, never wanting to play hairdressers, or house with the other girls in my class. I would have preferred to spend my breaks playing tag with the boys or climbing trees but boys and girls were never allowed to mix at these times. It was an unspoken rule but you just knew. Knowing I would always be able to count on Skye and got to know some of the other girls in my class. I wouldn't have if it wasn't for my mum who, was always worrying about how I didn't have any girls for tea  to do our makeup with a box she had brought me a previous Christmas. It wasn't as if I was a complete tomboy though, I preferred the company of boys. I was happy when I reached Secondary School to have Megan and Alice though. It was nice to have some friends to partner up with in Sports when Skye wasn't there.

My phone goes off and I open up the message from Skye.

That's great! See you soon :D x

My mum comes through the door with Megan close behind her. I haven't seen mum so happy since the accident:not the day I was told I'd be fine, not the day I left the hospital, not even on Christmas. She comes over to me and kisses me on the forehead,

'Lily told me Skye's coming up' she says excitedly
'Yes' I reply 'I realized I've been pushing my friends away and I can't risk losing Skye'
Mum seems equally as shocked by my words as I was with Lily's. 'I know you can't' She pauses then hugs me holding me tightly to her chest. I watch the snow that is still falling from my window and realize it's January 3rd already. Term will re-start next week on the 12th, and I will find myself alone in the house for hours on end with my new tutor. At least I have my birthday to look forward too...

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