Fortnightly Fix

After some deliberating I've decided to do Fortnightly Fix instead of What Have I Been Up To? because I haven't done much except go to school, do homework, sleep, go to school, it's quite repetitive.


Now Is Good- As you could see from my review this film was fantastic! It was emotional, moving, really sad and funny all in one. A must see! 
Rating: 5/5

Now Is Good Trailer 2

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - I'm now up to date with The Twilight Saga! Breaking Dawn Part 1 was, in my opinion, the best film so far! It had everything a wedding, a honeymoon, a birth and some fights! Loved the ending!
Rating: 4.5/5


I Know You Care(Ellie Goulding) - This song is the soundtrack for Now Is Good and even watching the video and listening to the song I find myself almost in tears(I had to post this again!) Rating: 5/5

Some Nights(FUN) - I adore this song. FUN have a really different style and I love their music. 
Rating: 4/5

Live While We're Young(One Direction) - I heard this song last weekend and haven't stopped singing it. It's got really catchy lyrics and a great tune.
Rating: 4/5


I finished Breaking Dawn Part 2 earlier this week and thought that it was a really exciting and unpredictable book! Actually really excited to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November!

What are your Sunday Selections?


  1. My life is just like what you said.
    I got to school, do homework, go home, sleep.
    Boring I know but still....
    Great post...

    1. Thanks Abbie! Means so much to have your support!

  2. I'm always here no matter what.
    And thank you so much for always listening. It means the world.


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