Book Review: Dear Dylan - Siobhan Curham

I recently finished Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham and loved every moment of reading it. Here are my thoughts:

Fourteen year old Georgie Harris feels like she has no one to talk to. Not her bully of a step-father, Tone Deaf or her mum, who always takes his side and her best friend is obsessed with the latest diets and getting a boyfriend. All Georgie wants to do is go to the local drama workshop over the summer but Tone-Deaf makes sure she will stay at home to look after her tooth-fairy obsessed sister. With no one to talk to Georgie begins to email Dylan Curtland, an actor from her favourite soap opera Jessop Close. When Dylan starts emailing her back Georgie finally feels like someone is listening to her and actually cares. Georgie begins to tell him everything but is everything all as it seems? A first crush. An unexpected friendship and a dream come true.

Dear Dylan is funny, quirky and true. An emotionally compelling story . Georgie is an honest character that you can completely relate too. We all have those friends that are weight-obsessed or feel like they desperately need a boyfriend.  Each and every part of Georgie Siobhan Curham truly captivates. Dear Dylan is told in a completely unique way, through emails, but still is able to bring across a powerful emotion and connection between the characters at both ends of the email. This story has strong characters, I didn't want this book to end. With beautiful descriptions and writing in a book that just flows. Along with all of this it handles such serious subjects like Domestic Abuse and using substances but in a such a smart way. Dear Dylan is packed with everything you want in a great YA Novel. You will laugh and you will be moved close to tears with this heart-wrenching novel.  As Georgie would say this book is completely 'Frost Free'. I truly loved every moment of this book.

Rating: 5/5
Recommended Age: 11+

Have you read Dear Dylan?
And what do you think of my new blog look?


  1. I just finished that book and thought it was great too. Yeah, I could relate to Georgie in some aspects but thankfully I've never had to go through that horrifying experience
    Great review!
    Marian :D x
    P.S I like the new look BUT I preferred the old one. Sorry if I sound mean I just like the other one better.

    1. Same here. I could relate to her because I have weight-obsessed friends and the one's who just desperately need a boyfriend but I've never gone through such a horrible experience, and I'm grateful I haven't.
      Thank you Marian!
      P.S. You don't sound mean! No worries! I'm just trying out some new looks and I'll guess I will find one that completely suits my blog in the end.

  2. I never read this book but now I am considering of buying it! Sounds fab. Great review! I can relate to some Georgie's issues as well, I can't lie.
    Great review anyway and hope this gets a-lot of feedback.

    1. It is a fab book! Thank you for the comment about my review, I really enjoyed this book! Most importantly I hope that you're okay!
      Thanks you!

    2. Well not all of the terrible things she would of been through but yes some of them! Like her bully of a step-father, thankfully I've never been through that!
      Don't worry about me though as I'm absolutely fine!
      Thanks for the concern :)

    3. I've been through some of them-mostly the weight-obsessed and boyfriend-obsessed friends! I'm glad your fine!
      No problem :)

  3. This book sounds amazeballs. I really want to get it now, I think I'll have a look online for it. I think Georgie is very relate able.
    I really like your review and your new blog look although I don't like pink it's nice.
    Josie Xx

    1. Georgie is really relatable, I definitely recommend this book because it also made me laugh so much! I actually repeated some of the things she said to my friends in school and my mum.
      Thank you! I'm not such a big fan of pink but I like the look it creates with blue
      Sophie:) x


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