Poem: No Thoughts!

This month it's NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) and after hearing a lot about it I've decided to give myself a challenge and have a go! The challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.(1,666 words a day). Anyway, this is a new poem I wrote called No Thoughts:

I walk down the corridor,
Head held high,
Who cares what they think of me?
I've got nothing to hide

The stares are piercing,
Their eyes trained on mine,
I keep walking forward,
My heart pounding within me

I know what thoughts,
Are running through their minds,
Why just stand there and gawp?
Speak your mind instead.

The force is erupting,
Flowing through my bones,
The impulse in my veins,
My anger building

That sinister smile,
Still stuck on your face,
No care for me whatsoever
Or who I am at all

Are you taking part in Na No Wri Mo?
Sound off below!


  1. I'm doing the YWP this year, I'm not quite old enough to take part in the proper version, and I don't have enough time. I've set my word goal to about 20,000.

    1. What's the YWP? I will take a look at it now! I hope your writing is going well, good luck!

    2. Maybe I should have tried YWP instead, it seems more reasonable! I hope your writing is going well!

    3. Hey Sophie,
      Thanks :) I've changed my word goal to 10,000, which is 333 words a day, more if my mum will let me. So, I should be able to do it :)

    4. My word goes is down to 30,000! It's a reasonable goal with school and homework to contend with. (I'm now doing YWP) I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Happy Na No Wri Mo!

  2. Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for commenting! Unfortunately, I can't find your username (it isn't working!) Have you got any luck on finding mine so I could add you back?


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