Poetry: Unique

Yesterday, I got the chance to meet the amazing Kate Maryon(author of Shine, Glitter, A Million Angels and A Sea of Stars) at the Hay Winter Festival. She was so lovely and kind but also gave so much great advice that I will definitely use when writing, to picture my character and ask them questions but not think about them. By the end of the Workshop, I had a character I knew better than myself. Hay-On-Wye was so beautiful, picturesque and was like stepping back in time. I passed a sign and it is actual nicknamed the 'town of books' and I soon found out why. Over thirty bookshops in one small town, one even three stories. Kate asked us if we had ever thought about ourselves as a gift. I never had but anyway, here's a poem:

I want to be seen
Not as what I look like
Not as what I do
Not as who I come across
But who I am

I want to know
Not about what you think
Not what you're guessing
Or your opinion
But who you are

I want to know
Not about the lies
Not about the ideas
Not about the choices
But the truth

I need to know
Not what I like
Not what I dislike
Not what I look like
But who I am

I need to know
That I am myself
That I am who I want to be
That I am happy

What do you think? 
Also, have you ever visited the 'town of books'?
I big thank you to Kate Maryon for doing such an amazing workshop! It was great to meet you!


  1. Fantastic poem, Sophie! :) I love poetry, I write it all the time :) And it is so cool how you got to meet Kate Maryon, I have one of her books and it looks great x

    1. Thank you so much! I love writing poetry too! Her books are great and they make you think too!


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