The Best & The Rest 2012: Books

This year has been such an amazing one in terms of books. Book to film adaptions, New releases and must-reads. This post is about my favourite books during 2012!

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins!

The Hunger Games was incredible! Exhilarating, heart-racing and emotional with such a strong heroine and important message. I loved every moment of reading this page-turner. I laughed and cried throughout the whole series. It is told through Katniss' view and I love how powerful and strong her character is throughout the whole series. The fact that she just wants to be able to keep her sister safe and go home or have her Sunday hunting with Gale. The suspense, especially in Catching Fire was amazing and Mockingjay was tear-jerking and powerful. The whole series takes you on Katniss' journey! I couldn't put it down! Incredible!

The Small Blue Thing Trilogy by S.C Ransom!

The Small Blue Thing trilogy was mesmerising! It was beautifully written and perfectly plotted with a page-turning plot. It was a trilogy that definitely kept you guessing from start to end with the twists and turns in it's mysterious plot. It was also a perfect romance full of secrets and surprises all tied into one. The whole series was set in London and Alex was a character you could connect to because she was someone like yourself but yet in a different world. Then there's Callum, completely beautiful but stuck in a life of half-misery. This was a trilogy that was truly captivating!

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

This book was so emotional and compelling but also taught me a lot. There was so much about a true friendship and in the worst of conditions. War Horse was such a moving story and to know that it all came from a picture underneath a clock of a horse: described exactly like Joey in War Horse. Powerful, moving and the friendship was heart-warming, It taught me a lot about War and really opened my eyes to what it was really like and still is. A moving story about the power of friendship.

Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I always love Apocalyptic books and Divergent and Insurgent were no exceptions! Divergent had heart-racing and page-turning book. Tris has such a big secret and I love how this book keeps you reading because you want to know what will happen. Tris is so determined with Four being completely mysterious. Insurgent(I still have about 50 pages left) also has so many twists and turns as Tris tries to deal with he bad things she has done and the horrible things she has experienced. All the factions headquarters are so detailed in their descriptions it gives you such a clear image in your head.

I also enjoyed:
Shine by Kate Maryon
Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham
The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
Adolphus Tips by Michael Mopurgo
Shadow by Michael Morpurgo
My Best Friend & Other Enemies by Catherine Wilkins

What are your favourite books of 2012?

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