Audio Books(Finish your Novels on the Go!)

Today, I am taking a look at Audio Books:

An Audio Book can be used for a variety of different reasons, mostly for entertainment or even education purposes. Of course times are changing and with this so is the advance in technology. So, the role and actual format of Audio Books has upgraded and improved with this. Know Audio Books are a trend, like the iPod. 

Usually, audiobooks are used as a source of education for those that may be something along the lines of this : learning a second language or for those who are visually impaired or have a significant learning disability which means that they can't join in with others. Audiobooks are supposed to create a fun, natural atmosphere, to allow them to experience the same things we do including the enjoyment of reading to even the education we have.

The use of Audio-Go should not be understated either. They are  perfect alternative to using music whilst doing everyday activities such as running, homework, or even travelling. It's a way of having your favourite novels with you at all times, which is exactly why Audio Books are so useful. They can even teach us(I know, learning outside of school) but it can.It helps with spelling and pronunciation along with highlighting certain parts of the text which humorous. This is always helpful while trying to discover the true meaning of a novel.

It improves skills that will be vital in later life because you have to listen toe the words and voices of an audiobook, which helps you're listening skills and we can all say that people around you are always on about listening properly in classes. It can also improve vocabulary because you are hearing new words.
Again, it allows you to multi-task. I find this important because it lets you do other things when you can't pull yourselves away from a great read. We've all experiences this right? It helps you to not get behind on homework and your daily tasks but at the same time you can find some enjoyment. Audio books are easy to download and are formatted into a similar way to music tracks so it's really the same process to download. I always find it annoying when the fact that you have got a growing pule of homework waiting for you is there while you're trying to read.

They have been designed to be relaxing so we should use them! With the stresses of school it can really help you tune out and enjoy what's being read out to you so you're not always struggling over the words you don't understand. It actually helps the words flow in your mind easily, which tells the story in an effective way. Audio books truly have so many different advantages and ways of use, so you can still go about finishing your favourite novels on the go.  

They can also help people who are visually-impaired(or blind) to learn. It can also help them enjoy the books we can read. They are very easy to get hold of and are becoming more and more popular, which in the long-term creates a demand in your favourite books in a unique and essential format.

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  1. You're going to ate me forever but I've only ever read (heard?) ONE audio book before!

    And check out my competition!


    1. Of course I won't hate you forever! And sure I'll check out your Competition

  2. Love this post!!!
    I am nominating you for the 'Seriously! What A Great Blog! Award'.
    Congrats. -Abbie.


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