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As it has just been Christmas, I found these for me on Christmas morning. I have been waiting to read these for a while know after hearing such great things.

Matched, Crossed, Reached -Allie Condie 
Breathe - Sarah Crossan
Now Is Good - Jenny Downham
Throne of Glass - Sarah. J Maas
Emerald Star -Jacqueline Wilson


I finally got a Kindle for Christmas and I am already making good use of it. It's lightweight and books are at a lower-price so you're able to buy more. The first book I downloaded was Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl(Just £2.99) 

I also took advantage of the free-books and found some great reads.

The Fallen Star(#1) - Jessica Sorensen
Awakening(#1) - Karice Bolton


Synoposis: Ethan lives in the small town called Gatlin in South Carolina. He just wants to leave but, then Lena Duchannes comes to town. The niece of the town shut-in Macon Ravenwood, everyone who already has their accusations about Lena. After an 'incident' in class where a window shatters, Ethan is the only friend she has but there is something about Lena. Lena is a Caster(A more sophisticated witch), who's powers will be Claimed on her 16th Birthday for either the Light or the Dark. Lena has no idea who she will become. 

Thoughts so far: This book is fantastic! A page-turning, exhilarating read that has you can't put down. I am really excited to see which side she is claimed for.

 Synoposis: When Alice finds out that her father is leaving to go to fight in a War she doesn't believe in she is distraught. Her mother begins to break-down without him around and she has to try to take care of her sister. But, then she is told her father is missing in action and she has to try to face up to the fact he may never come home. All of this is happening while Alice grows-up, learns how to drive and fall in love.

Thoughts so far: This is a moving and perfectly plotted coming-of age novel. I'm really looking forward to see how the relationships develop throughout the rest of this novel.

What are your Weekly Reads?
And, since this is my last post before the New Year, I hope you have a great time and very happy 2013!


  1. I need all of those books so badly - might have to have a little book shopping spree in the new year. I have seen so many amazing reviews on your blog, it just increases my reading wishlist so it is now ridiculously long. your blog is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so, so much! I love your blog too. Your comments mean loads to me. I'm glad you like my reviews, I always work hard on them so it's great to see it's paid off.

  2. I have just found your blog and I also love reading! I have read Alice Bliss and although I found it slow at first, I really enjoyed the book!

    1. I really enjoyed It too! I hope Laura Harrington writes a sequel.


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