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In every author interview I send, I always ask if they have any advice for aspiring writers. And, everytime I take a look at the answers I always find something different. I think this is important why writing, that your story is different and unique. I've found this out after attempting to write over and over again, to write about something that is not just something re-worded but is what I want to write about. Also, I've realised that I should write about what I want to write, not change something in a plot because I'm sure, if anyone reads it that they will prefer it.  Advice that has been given is about writing what you feel passionate about because a reader will feel that. After personal experience I know that you can't please everyone else before you please yourself: because it never feels right.

Also, I've found writing so much easier when I write about what I know. It may be an over-the-top version about what I know but I think that writing about feelings I'm familiar with really helps. It's easier because I think you can take a guess about what they are feeling as you've been through it or something similar. I find it difficult to write about things I've never had some experience about. I've never had experience first-hand but in the ideas surrounding it like family and friendship. These are definitely things that matter. 

What I like about writing is being able to escape. When I'm writing a novel I feel like I can just leave all the worries and stresses of school behind and just become someone else. I get the chance to experience new emotions and get the chance to feel something. Another thing I like, although it results in yawning continuously the next day, is that you are kept up all night just thinking about it. It keeps your imagination alive.  Another thing, when you get a good idea or find some inspiration you have to write about it. You feel the idea burning away inside off you and somehow you feel the need to share it. To bring these idea's alive in your own way too. Although, I do think it's important to Learn so not all the spelling & grammer in wrong.

This brings me to the simplest point that can create a whole new world and characters, is boredom. Winter is here and I'm always looking for something to keep me busy. When your bored you find a lot of time to think,  and writing is exactly what conquers my boredom. Opening up a laptop or reaching for a pen and notepad, and just beginning with a simple sentence can create pages and pages about new characters and ideas, overall creating a novel. Even taking a Writing Course is great as you can learn so much and different techniques about how to write. I find in time I would be sat upon the sofa, watching television, I'm hopefully creating something to be proud off.
I was compensated to write this post.

So, this is what I've realised about writing a novel and how I'm going to continue.
What about you?

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