The discussion begins: Books or E-Readers

This is more of a discussion post about which you prefer. The first library with no books is set to open late this year-full of computers and e-readers, something I have a really strong opinion on.

I own both a collection of books and a Kindle Fire. My book shelf has both paperback and hardback copies, most being Dystopia novels or Fantasy. They do take up a lot of space but I love my collection(and adding to it). All of the books with their perfect spines and covers lined up just the way I like them. With Kindle's, they're light, can hold so many books and it just stays the same weight and you don't have to worry about folding a page or ruining the spine because you simply just hold it in your hand.

I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars on Kindle
I had my opinion on E-readers and was, as I admit this, against them in the beginning but I was pulled in. Books are lower-priced on the Kindle Store so you can buy more and enjoy reading them. There are a lot of great deals to be found including free books that become your favourite reads or best-selling novels that are at a low-price(I bought the Life of Pi last week for £0.20). I love scrolling through the Kindle Store looking for my latest read and have found that highlighting has become my new favourite thing to do. As I'm reading, I highlight all the interesting quotes or points that make me laugh that not only allow me to remember them, but it helps with reviews and blogging. And you find yourself being able to understand the book more because you can find definitions to words or phrases you don't understand. For me, this time came when reading Beautiful Creatures. Not being an American, my history is not so great on the American Civil War between the North and South.

A good ol' book
Although, you can never take away books. Books have their certain smell, their certain feel. That's what you don't get to experience with an e-reader. The enjoyment of walking through a bookstore and piling up all the books you want to read onto your dad who is staring at you going "All of these?". The excitement of going to a bookstore or getting a book-shaped package through the post. The certain smell books have, you can't experience it on a Kindle or the feeling of a book in your hand or a page. It's those little things that make me prefer books-the intricate cover designs and the satisfaction when you add a book to your shelf and spend an hour admiring it. Or peaking a look at the end when you're on Chapter 2. A visit to the local library, crouching down on the floor to look at the books on the bottom shelf.

I think that there are great things about e-readers though. I love my Kindle, it's definitely a whole new way of reading. I enjoy the fact I can highlight things and the swift one movement of a finger to turn the page. The lightweight and the amount of books one small tablet can hold. I think they introduce reading to so many more people-one being my sister. Seeing the jump In technology makes people want to buy one and I think it's so important for people to read(Or they are missing out)I love books and my e-reader but find that nothing can really beat a book. It may seem old-fashioned but that is the way it should stay! A good old book! Wondering around bookshops.

So, what do you prefer?
Books or E-reader or do you like both?
And how about the library opening with no books in?
Here, there are supposed to be 12cm's of Snow tonight so I'm probably going to be snowed in! Loads of time to read then!


  1. Personally I much prefer honest-to-God books. I just love how they sit on your shelf and you can arrange them the way you like them, all the colours in harmony with those next to them, how you can lend them to your friends and let others browse your collection, how you can go, "What's that line again?" and reach over and lift the book and find the line and read it out and for there to be that affinity with everyone around you because you are all in the presence of those beautiful words. But that's just me. (:

    P.S. TFIOS is such an amazingly excellently awesome book it is hard to comprehend. You'll love it. There will be tears streaming down your face by the end.

    1. I love just being able to reach over and look at the line as well! It happens a lot! I have just finished TFIOS and it was fantastic-I must admit, I did cry!

  2. I love books but also love my Kindle, which is my baby! I'm actually writing a post on this at the moment but it's taking me ages to write because I want to get it just right!

    1. It was like that with me-I love both books and my Kindle! It's hard to favour just one!

  3. Fabby post. I don't have a Kindle but I'd love to. There must be fab bargains on it.
    I know you don't accept awards but I'm just letting you know I am nominating you for the "Cute Blog Award". Congrats.

    1. Thank you-Kindle's are awesome! There are great bargains on it, along with some free books. Thanks for nominating me, It still means loads.


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