Wednesday Writing(#1)

It all started on a cold, brisk day in mid-winter: standing outside the paint-chipped school gates. My clothes were sticking me from the rain, that was still falling from the black sky and after a few attempts of trying to get my umbrella to stay up in the wind, I gave up. My hair was dripping wet, the cold icy drops sliding down my back, under my school uniform sending shivers down my spine. Mum was late-again. Her normal always-on-time-for-everything attitude had been lost since my dad died and she was now hardly ever on time. After waiting for a few minutes, I grabbed my school bag, flung it over my shoulder and began to walk the route home. Although, Something stopped me, flinging me back hard against the gates. The rungs dug into my back as he flew past me, the only sound his un-even breath and feet on the concrete pavement. I gathered my balance as quickly as I could, stepping just out into the road to see who it was. It was a man: medium height, dark hair, in a work men's suit. There was something though, that unearthed me about him. The fact that he was wearing a large black clock draped around his shoulders or maybe the fact he didn't stop running. I knew I had to follow.

I kept my eyes firm on him, not wanting to miss a turning he may take. I sprinted as fast as I could In my drenched clothes to keep up with him. But, I was stopped. Strong hands gripped my shoulders, holding me from running any further. I struggled in his grasp, kicking him with all the fight I still had left in me. By now, I was shivering in the cold, he however had on a thick jacket that kept him dry, which he took off and wrapped around me. I shaked it off.

"Get off me!" I screamed at him "Get off"
"No" He was staring at me, his eyes trained on mine. They were a deep brown colour, mesmerising. "I can't let you chase after him"
At this point, he pointed down the road where there was no sight of the man
"Why not?" I asked on the defensive
"Because I can't" He argued back, "You don't know who he is"
"I don't know who you are!"
"I won't hurt you though, on the other hand he.."
I didn't let him finish his sentence:
"What? You can't hurt me? Have you realised that your nails are digging into my shoulders yet?"
He removed them instantly. His hair was a deep brown, just like his eyes. His face was thin, with a fuller top lip and a slender pale face.
"Look, just don't follow him" He was standing so close to me, I'm sure he could hear my jagged breath.
"Why shouldn't I?" I asked "I don't know why I should believe you, I have no idea who you are at the moment-ever heard of 'Stranger Danger'
"Stranger Danger, I'm sure that's exactly what you were thinking off when you decided to chase after a sinister looking man"
"Yes, it was"
He smiled. "You have a death wish?"
"Just curious"
He placed a hand on my cheek, it was cold. I froze. ""Be careful, OK?"
"Sure" And with that he removed his hand, and placed a small piece of paper probably torn out of an old notebook in my hand and walked off. I watched as he walked away so, when I heard the car horn behind me, I jumped.

"What the hell was that for?" I said as I slid into the passenger seat.
"You seem occupied..." she replied, "I've been watched you for a few minutes, what were you doing?"
"To yourself...?" said mum. I didn't answer, I was too busy screaming at myself in my head, thinking I was slowly loosing it.


  1. Nice! Really nice piece! Please carry it on!

    Do you mind if I do a wednesday writing feature on my blog from next week? It's a great idea ☺

    1. Thank you! Of course I'll carry on it on! And yes! Of course you can post it too. Would you mind adding a link to my blog with it too?


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