Female Heroines

2012 especially was such a strong year for female book characters with The Hunger Games being released and this year it is going to continue in an extremely high standard. Beautiful Creatures, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia is out very soon(As a side note, it is a fantastic book if you are yet to read it) which, although told from the perspective of Ethan Wate, the story really centres around Lena Duchannes, a Caster who on her sixteenth birthday will have her powers claimed by either the Light or the Dark. So, of course this is a strong female character with some power. Another powerful female role model.  At the near end of the year Catching Fire is released, another huge boost for feminism because of the strong heroine Katniss Everdeen, who in the first book volunteers for her sister Primrose and takes her place in a yearly fight-to-the-death to save her younger sister's life. How about Tris in Divergent? The third book is set to be released in the Autumn and she has already made a big impact- yet again, we have the strong female heroine controlling the story. Books that are centered around strong female characters, after decades of male leads dominating, it shows that despite being lower-ranked in the past and still being underestimated today, females should be treated as equal. This is why books are really important because they teach us something about society. I may be just focusing on female heroines today but they really connect with us. Some are like looking into the future, looking at what our children or grandchildren could be facing. 

Why are Female Heroines so important? It's because, for a long time and especially in the past, Females have been at a lower-rank. What is really shown in female-driven books is that they are just as strong as the men, maybe even more. That we deserve to be treated the same, and now we have books to show this. And so many people read books, love books so what is better than having authors write about female protagonists.  Books are really building something more for females. By the time we have to go into the world and find jobs where, just because we are females we won't be judged. Strong characters who make a difference-who do something and make a new change, have powers, or who are just ordinary girls but do something beyond what they think they can do. Books are really making a change in our societies. I mean, seeing a strong female character leading something really puts you in a good mid-set. If men can do something, women can do exactly the same!

They are also role models to us as young girls. Seeing their strength, their power and following their journey it gives us something to aim for. These heroines are always people we can relate too, who are doing things that they never believe they will be able too or need to fight for. They are role-models to us because what says that we, just because we live where we are at, can't fight for what we believe in? It teaches us to really be  ourselves and I think in the 21st Century where there is so much in the magazines we read about how a size 16 is too fat, we need these fictional characters to look too. It's more the strength they have that inspires me-it makes me see that whatever situation you find yourself there is always hope.

Who is your favourite Heroine?


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