Darkness Poem

Rain hits the window,
I can hear it hammering on the roof,
Covering a city in shadows,
One hidden by darkness once again.

The only sound a car flying past,
It cuts through the rain,
Streetlamps flicker above me,
Waiting to be claimed.

The sound of wind howling,
Sends chills down my spine,
The darkness that surrounds me,
While waiting for the sun to shine again.

A forest that is dark,
But that is never still,
As tree's move outlining the silence,
Branches swaying in the wind.

There's nowhere else to go,
Except here listening to the sounds,
Hidden away between the cobwebs,
No sign as the morning begins

So, I just sit here,
Think about what are the good things in life,
But I've began to shiver now,
The sky is still black.

Is that all that there can be?
I'm wondering about this,
As the rain pours down on me.

Next time-I promise there will be a more up-beat poem!


  1. Beautiful poem, Sophie! I love poetry and, to be honest, most of it is dark and sad, haha! :3

    1. Thanks so much Zoe! Haha-you're right! More dark and sad poems it is.


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