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First of all, I have to mention my header designed by Emma over at The Graphicness for my amazing designs! They match everything my blog is about so, thank you for them. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Since I started blogging, I've found my love for reading and writing has grown along with becoming better at writing in general because of the experience I've been getting. Another thing I've also found is the fact that I've gained other interests and likes, continued some that I had before or just built on them. As well as this, I find it really interesting to find out what other bloggers like-which is why I decided to write this post.

Even though I am a 'Book Blogger', it's not the only thing I enjoy. Reading is something I love and writing is a huge part of me. Except, I also enjoy music(although I've stop playing every musical instrument I've tried which includes: Recorder, Violin and Guitar) and I'm set on starting Piano Lessons since I'm interested in writing songs-but can't sing. Another interest of mine is film. I'm planning on following through school and becoming a Director or Screenwriter if I can. Unlike other people I've talked to, I'm excited to watch the Oscars and I'm constantly looking at the latest film news. As I'm not that confident, and what happens behind the camera completely interests me, I adore film. I never dress on trend since I'm one to wear what I'm most comfortable in but, I'm a fan of fashion along with interior design. Vintage Designs and Styling are something I admire and can never stop looking at when in shops. I think it's the detail that you find in Vintage that is always so beautiful, along with the pastel colours combined. While, who can't help pouring over magazine pages full of fashion for hours? My final interest is Photography-vintage photography is my favourite-but I love capturing momenta you may not remember as clearly in your mind. Just like many bloggers I'm also a full-time Geek.

Although, I don't choose to blog about these doesn't mean they are not equally a part of me. Books are something I'm passionate about so, I find it really easy to write about them. I think everybody should read, in our messed-up-society there's so much you can find in books. And most people need some imagination.

Some Bloggers don't have other interests and some do. I can't blog about fashion very well at all but, you do see the occasional film review, music post and my blog has a vintage header to match what I like. After speaking to a few other Book Bloggers, I realised some people don't have many interests besides Reading, writing and blogging but there's no problem with that. While others have many, many others except most surround creative aspects such as art and music. I love to spend time with my friends and so do other bloggers. I find it really interesting to find out, although we share a main interest in blogging and reading, what other interests do people have. Not all book bloggers actually enjoy writing like I do. Reading & Writing are interests besides blogging too. It's really interesting though, after talking to Lucy(links below) to find out she enjoys reading, writing and blogging and they are her hobbies and she's so dedicated to that(And of course, the love we both share for our book-boyfriends) While Kyra-and we all blog about the same thing, enjoys drawing and music. It's something that defines our blogs right?So, all I want to know is do you have any other besides blogging and reading, if so what? Do you show this in your blog?

*Thank you to Rebecca, Kyra & Lucy for helping me with this post. Pictures used do not belong to me*


  1. Gorgeous Header. And I agree there are so many Perks to Blogging!!

  2. Such a beautiful header! Thanks for asking me to help with the post :D
    I'm similar to you, I find everything behind the scenes to be incredibly intriguing. Then again, I'm quite nosy :P
    Great post, Sophie :)


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