Quick-Fire Questions with Sarah Crossan

Take a deep breath, I'm asking Sarah Crossan some quick-fire questions that are sure to leave you Breathless.

Sarah Crossan is the author of the gripping 2012 Dystopia 'Breathe' which is set in a society where oxygen levels have plummeted below the amount we need to survive after a time called 'The Switch'. Watch out for the sequel to 'Breathe'(Resist) this Autumn along with her other book 'The Weight of Water' which is also out now.

Pen and Paper or Laptop? Pen and paper for verse to slow me down, laptop for prose to keep up the pace. 
Hardback or Paperback? Hardback for home, paperback for traveling
Reading or Writing? Hmmm… reading.

Series or Stand-alone? Both
Heroine or Hero? Both
Dystopia or Present-day? Present-day dystopias?!
Fiction or Non-fiction? Fiction, no question. I'm not a fan of the real world!
E-reader or binded book? Depends on what I'm reading but usually a bound book
Takeaway or home-cooked meal? home cooked every time
Summer or Winter? Irish summer (which can feel a bit like winter sometimes!)
Ice Cream or Cookies? Cookies please!
Bright or bold? Bright
The Pod or the Outlands? The Outlands… come on!

Find out more about Sarah Crossan by visiting her website here !

A huge thank you to Sarah for letting me ask her these questions and for the hilarious answers.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BREATHE. It's amazing! This was an awesome interview to read

    Charli x

    1. I'm reading Breathe at the moment and love it! Go Bea! Thank you-I'm so glad you liked it! x

  2. First of all.... I ABSOLOTELY ADORE YOUR BLOG HEADER! <333

    Secondly, great questions! I really want to read Breathe and the cover is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you! I really can't take credit for it though, I wish I could design something like it. Thanks, again, Breathe is great. And admiring the cover is yet another bonus. It's so beautiful, I just adore the colours there.:) x


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