Film Review: Beautiful Creatures

Ethan Wate lives in a small country town called Gatlin. Waiting for the day he will finally get to leave and travel, he has been having strange dreams about a girl he wants to reach but can never recognise. When new-comer Lena Duchannes comes to town he knows it is her but as the niece of the town recluse Macon Ravenwood, everybody already has their opinions. Lena is a Caster, a witch who's powers will be Claimed by either the Light or the Dark on her sixteenth birthday. But, Ethan and Lena are already in love but a mortal and a Caster can never be together. With Lena's Claiming approaching things are only set to become more dangerous, putting their lives at risk. It all started with a Curse. (12A)
 Ethan Wate(Played by Alden Ehrenreich) was brought to life in this adaption along with the other characters that are loved from the books. Alden had the perfect portrayal of Ethan that was both moving and emotional but one that you could see the fight for Lena in. He fought for Lena throughout the film, and his love was clear throughout. Ethan also had some sayings that were so beautiful, and dug deep into the character. Lena Duchannes(Played by Alice Englert) was also a powerful gothic supernatural, with her struggle throughout the book, alive on screen but one that also brought a normal-teenage girl to life. The chemistry between Ethan and Lena was never forced, Alden and Alice completed embodied their characters and all they wanted to do was protect eachother. Macon Ravenwood and Link also brought humour to this adaption with Macon being wise yet exactly how he would be imagined when reading. The way both the Light and the Dark sides and Gatlin was brought to life was magical.
The plot built with excitement along with some gripping twists and turns that were unpredictable. It was also moving and tear-jerking that made a beautiful film. It was also funny and witty, parts that brought more to what could be seen as a serious film. Book to film adaptions also allow you to see things you don't get to see in the book. New parts were added that were perfect in the film and gave you an understanding of the plot beyond what the main character can see. My favourite scenes were one's from another character's perspective, which were all amazing to see. It also had gorgeous set designs and costumes. There were some CGI effects but all of them felt real. Seeing the Casters being brought to life along with their powers was great.
One thing I will point out is that you can't go into this adaptation expecting an exact replica of the book. There are changes to the plot, that change important parts in the story, with a twist ending that will leave you shocked but anticipating a sequel. The climax to the ending was fantastic, I preferred the ending to the film than the one of the books as it leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Although, there were things I missed about the book, some parts it was better without. The book was adapted here but despite the changes, It still delivered. It gave a supernatural romance with characters to root-for.
"Beautiful Creatures was an exciting, captivating adaption that took you into Gatlin and the world of the Dark and Light Casters. It brought to life a gothic romance with great chemistry between Lena and Ethan that was also moving and funny. Although it was not the exact book and had changes, it had a shocking twist-ending that left the door wide open to a very anticipated sequel. A film that you will love and want to see again and again"
Have you seen it yet? If so, what did you think?


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