Balancing Blogging

I've seen these posts appear a lot lately, and I've decided it's my turn to post about how I balance schoolwork and blogging along with other day-to-day things.

School can cause problems mainly because of homework. After school, when your homework pile could drown you, there isn't possibly time to write a post. A post takes time to write, in some cases plan, maybe finding pictures or editing video's. One thing I was told and I think it's right to keep to is that 'School always comes first'.  As much as I would prefer to be writing or reading or spending time with my family, schoolwork has to be done. It's the pathway to our future. Blogging definitely has it's advantages, especially in school. You learn how to write in a more versatile style from reading different blog posts and from reading books. Even so, I always make sure my homework is done on time before I blog. Being organised is always a great thing when you have a lot to do. Plan out your time and keep to it-I always have problems with this as the internet is a very intriguing place. The great feeling when you have a good mark will be worth it.

Some other tips for balancing school work is to not use your phone or open up any work up on, for example, your laptop when doing work. Everytime I do this I find myself getting distracted by the sign that tells you there is a new email waiting to be answered. I find it much easy to be blogging with the thought of having homework waiting for me. Also, do as much work in school or in the library-maybe even stay an hour after school to finish just so it's done. I love the thought that I don't need to do anything else for the rest of the night, the book that you want to finish can have the final page turned. Bliss. Planning posts can also be another great idea. If you have a spare night when you have no homework, you can write one in advance and schedule it(Although in past experience it never posts at the time your expecting it too). I think this is one of the best tips I have picked up, as well as using some of my old writing for a post. These quick-shortcuts make life a lot easier. I mostly blog on the weekends.If you also find you have no spare-time to read, carry a book in your bag to school, you'll be surprised to find how many times you can just read a page or two-maybe even a chapter.(Under the table!)

If you have clubs after school, you can also talk about them online. It may be quite nosy to admit this, but I love reading about what people have been doing.  Or take a notebook and jot down some notes throughout the day-maybe even some review notes. I also try to do as much work as I can in school during lunchtimes. Except, you have to then find the balance between too-much school work and enough. Have fun too and don't feel obligated to blog. I try to blog every two days, sometimes three.

My top tips are:

  1. Always put school first!
  2. Before blogging, do all your homework so, it's out of the way.
  3. Do as much of your homework in school for more time.
  4. Don't feel obligated to blog every-day
  5. And carry around a book or pen and paper in school to get things done when you have a few minutes spare.
What are your top-tips?


  1. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for sharing these really good tips. This weekend I had a massive pile of homework and I felt myself drowning in it. So I know how stressful it can be. Happy Blogging : D

    1. Hi,
      Thank you! I've always got some homework to complete! Happy Blogging to you to!

  2. Great tips! I struggle with balancing schoolwork and blogging... it is so hard sometimes. I don't think people realise how busy it is. Thank for posting, you really helped :)

    1. Thank you! I struggle too, as well as balancing reading and blogging. I always find myself behind on reading. Nobody realises, you're right.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this Sophie.
    I really struggle with balancing both blogging and homework. I love my blog so much and sometimes I do feel homework takes over that. I try to post two - three days like you mentioned, which helps massively.
    These tips have really helped and yes you are right, school does have to come first. Like you mentioned, I try to get some homework during free classes, when we're told to do our homework and sometimes during lunch.
    Thanks again for the tips. xxxxx

    1. Your blog is absolutely amazing and I've nominated you for the 'Shine On Award'. Congrats and further details can be found here -

    2. Thanks! I like to be able to set goals, although when I miss them I feel bad. School does have to come first but, blogging is completely separate from school. Constant book conversation!

      The award-thank you so much!

  4. Amazing tips! Although I´m not in school for the moment, I procrastinate A LOT! And I do struggle to do the things I need to do hehe sometimes I want to blog first and take my time with it, but study and work come first!When I have a very productive day, at the end of it I feel so good that it actually inspires me to write my blog post in a much better quality

    1. Thanks! I procrastinate too much. That's such a good point, about a good day inspiring you to write a post. It definitely does!


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