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The Host Movie is released in cinemas! The Host is out today(March 29th) in cinema's and is the next Saga from Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. I have yet to read the book by after seeing the trailer I really love the aspect of the story. Also, Stephanie Meyer is in the beginning stages of the sequel to The Host so we could see a brand-new book-to-film adaptation series all in cinemas over the next few years-as well as bookstores!

'The Host' Trailer #2


Shailene Woodley will lead Divergent & TFiOS

The casting for the Divergent movie seems to have been completed! I can't wait to see this adapted from book to the big screen and although I have mixed feelings on some castings, I think they have done a good job.Beatrice "Tris" Prior is going to be played by Shailene Woodley. Personally, I think this casting is OK, although I pictured her completely differently. I feel Shailene will do a great job and prove she is Tris.

I was eagerly anticipating the casting for Tobias "Four" Eaton and when they announced it, I couldn't wait to see who they had chosen. Theo James is the perfect Four, he is subtle and strong and looks fearless. Picturing him and Shailene Woodley together it's clearly they will look like a believable romance.

Kate Winslet was first expected to be playing Tris' mother, Mrs Prior but, instead she will be taking on the role of the Erudite leader, Jeanine Mathews. How great is this casting? They have also cast Zoe Kravitz as Christina, Ben Lloyd Hughs as Will and Christian Madsen as Al along with others. The villain on the movie Peter has the distinctive-looking Ben Lamb.

The cast of Lauren Oliver's Delirium are filming their Pilot episode and are looking for fans' support! For the shows Pilot to have a bigger chance of being picked-up, the cast are asking fans to share their love for Delirium and spread the word about the adaptation. Write a blog post, link to a fan page on Twitter or just show your general support. I'm really excited to read Delirium and with so many book-to-films, I'm looking forward to seeing a T.V. adaptation.

Some huge news for TFiOS this week and for Nerdfighters is that Hazel has been cast. This is a movie I'm too excited to see-I know that John Green will give the book the deserving adaptation. Shailene Woodley will also play Hazel, as well as Tris, and this is one I think she fits really well. To me, she looks very much like Hazel is pictured and since John Green chose her, it must be the right casting! I'm confident TGiOS will be a fantastic adaptation. Now, who will play Augustus?

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  1. Did you know Shailene has also been cast as Hazel in the TFIOS movie? John Green himself approved her! :D

  2. Great post! I am so excited for the Divergent movie but terrified at the same time :3 I hope Shailene is good but she is also playing Hazel in The Fault in our Stars which is my favourite book. I can't wait for the Delirium TV show! :D

  3. Great Post. I am very glad with TFIOS casting and I hope they find the right Augustus. This is the first I've heard about a Delirium Tv Show, thanks for sharing. I have mixed feelings about Theo James (or whatever his name is) but hopefully he will do four justice. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Happy Easter.

  4. I must disagree; I really don't see Theo James as Four. He's okay in some pictures but he's definitely not the Four I envisaged.
    I'm happy with Shailene Woodley being cast as both Hazel and Tris and can see her as both characters.

    Thanks for sharing, Sophie!


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