Literacy Dinner Party: Tag

This was something I really wanted to do. Would you come to my Dinner Party?

1.  One character who likes to cook. 
I've never read many books where one of the character's loves to cook, but nobody can forgot Amma from Beautiful Creatures. She is constantly cooking, and sometimes even for the fact to out-cook the DBR in Gatlin which I love.

2.  One character who has money to fund the party.
Dr Bryce from Pig Heart Boy. A weird choice but I'm sure he could fund it.
3.  One character who might cause a scene.
Ridley from Beautiful Creatures. As a Dark Caster, she is of course always causing arguments and as a Siren she would cause some strange things to happen.
4.  One character who is funny/amusing.
Georgie from Dear Dylan. Despite having a really tough time, she still had a fantastic personality that made me laugh throughout. I couldn't do that!

5.  One character who is super social/popular.
I can't really think of many characters who are popular but I think that Jodie from My Sister Jodie is super social as she really just wants to do what she wants. I loved Jodie, her outgoing attitude just made the book.

6.  One villain.
Seraphine(Beautiful Creatures) or President Snow(The Hunger Games). I'd probably go for Snow since he isn't supernatural.

7.  One couple (doesn't have to be romantic).
Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. It was just so sad! And Augustus really made me think about the world and society.

8.  One hero/heroine.
Katniss, also from The Hunger Games. She is my favourite fictional heroine and the way she fights for her family makes her worthy of a heroine.
9.  One underappreciated character.
Just one? I can't. There are too many that are underappreciated. I'll choose Bea from Breathe because her kind and caring personality just stood-out for me. You don't see many characters who are just so smart yet prepared for anything.  
10.  One character of your own choosing.
Harriet Manners from Geek Girl. I just loved this novel and as a fellow-Geek she would have to be there. Again, I'm struggling with choosing just one, but if I could add to the Guest List I would have Four(How could I forget about him?) from Divergent and Liesel from The Book Thief.


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  2. Ooh Great Guests!!! I can't believe I forgot about Jody, that was such a heart breaking novel. I just ordered Geek Girl from the book depository and can't wait to get into it. Seeing as I am a massive geek. Thanks so much for stopping by my Tea Party <3


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