Since Google Reader is coming to an end on the 1st July and it is expected for GFC followers to go with it, I have decided to join Bloglovin'. It's easy to use and as soon as you sign up it gives you the option to import all your contacts from Google Reader to their website. So far, I've found it's so much better than Google Reader. Although I can't help feeling upset about losing all of the GFC followers I've worked hard to get, I love how organised Bloglovin' is and I'm glad I've found it. So, I really hope you can all find me over there and to see you all after July 1st!

You can follow my Bloglovin' HERE
And if you have already joined Bloglovin', comment your link below too!

Just a quick note.


  1. Hi Sophie, I'm just wondering on how can I claim my blog?

    1. Hi Abbie, Like I did here you create a post like the one above and add the link it gives you once you've searched your blog's name. Hope I can help.

  2. Hi! I followed you on bloglovin´ as well :)

    1. Thank you! Send me the link to yours and I will follow back. What do you think of it?


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