Favourite Fictional Females

I closed my latest poll a few hours earlier to be able to write this post. The Poll asked "From which point of view do you prefer to read a book?". I prefer to read from a Female Perspective and that's what you seemed to enjoy most because it took the poll with 84%(11 votes). Which brings me onto my favourite fictional females(where the book Is told from their view).

Tris- Divergent/Insurgent(Veronica Roth)

I like her because...Tris is a feisty heroine but also has a more girly, honest side. I loved how she grew throughout Divergent but had to face consequences and keep secrets. Her world was also so detailed, it made her very realistic, so I was constantly rooting her on and still am.

Lena-Beautiful Creatures(Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl)

I like her because...Although there Is only a page and a half in Beautiful Creatures that is told from her point of view, she is still one of my favourite fictional characters. It was her fight to choose her own fate that I loved and how she was different from everybody else in Gatlin. Lena Duchannes is a character you will remember-not only for her gothic style, but how she may be non-mortal and wants to fit-in.

Alice - Alice Bliss(Laura Harrington)

I like her because... Alice Bliss, when I read it, was a coming-of-age story about fifteen-year-old Alice who's father decides to fight in a war she disagrees with. Alice herself is everything: funny, strong, emotional and alive. There was everything in Alice Bliss, including romance which brought Alice's character to the height of the novel but it was the way Alice acted that made me want to read on, like a never-ending diary.

Hetty - Hetter Feather Trilogy(Jacqueline Wilson)

I like her because... She's the fiery red-haired foundling that I grew up reading about. It's so simple to love Hetty not only because of her un-forgettable personality but her strength throughout the novels to leave the foundling hospital. She will not stop or just give up, that's what adds her to this list.

Bea and Alina - Breathe(Sarah Crossan)

I like them because... I'm reading Breathe at the moment and can't put it down. The way it is told from three young people's perspective is such a refreshing change, and I love getting such an insight into what is happening in different parts of the novel. Bea and Alina are very different. Bea is caring, insightful, bright-which makes me want her to succeed. Her way with people is what draws me to want to read about her where Alina is bold and to not ruin the book, a fighter.

Harriet - Geek Girl(Holly Smale)

I like her because...she is a Geek, and is going through her own 'metamorphosis'. Harriet is honest, smart but also full of personality. Her story was fun, quirky but also hard to read when you love a character so much. Harriet was so realistic and a lot of her experiences were similar to mine. A main reason is who can't help loving the facts dropped in at random intervals and her weird and wonderful friends?

Hazel - The Fault in Our Stars(John Green)

I like her because...she is  smart and intelligent but also funny and relatable. Her romance with Augustus is alive and her final chapter is completely written. Hazel is such a beautiful character that opens your eyes to the tragedy of illness.

Katniss- The Hunger Games Trilogy

I like her because... she is a female heroine who fights for what she loves. Her love for her sister and want to get back home is the one thing that gets her through the 74th Annual Hunger Games. When she volunteers, it's clear that she will do anything for the one's she loves even if it means risking her own life. Her emotions were always so true and honest and she took you on a journey. Her personality is also fiery at times and to be able to read a book from her point of view is so clear and bold. She stays strong in times none of us would be able to.

Who are your top YA Female Characters?
Would you like to see a Top YA Couples Post?


  1. Fantastic post! I voted for the female perspective, but I think it is also interesting to read from a male's point of view too.
    I love Tris, Hazel, Katniss and Harriet! If they were real people in the same room, I think I'd just faint at the thought of meeting them ;) I like Hetty too, Jacqueline Wilson is really good at creating characters.
    Thanks for posting! :)

  2. DIVERGENT IS LIKE THE BEST BOOK EVER!! And The Hunger Games, Hetty Feather and Beautiful Creatures are amazing as well. I agree, Female POV is my favourite by the occasional Male POV is very interesting, like Ethan in BC.

    Charli x

  3. This is a great idea for a post! I have to agree about the female perspective; venturing into a guy's mind can be fun if the author does it well, but a female is usually much easier to relate to. I also love Katniss and Hazel for their strength and unique voices. :)


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