Review: Breathe by Sarah Crossan

In a world with no trees, no air, no truth,
There is no choice but to fight back.
When Oxygen Levels Plunge is a treeless world, a state lottery decides who will live inside The Pod. Everyone else will slowly suffocate.
Years after The Switch, society has divided into Premiums and Auxiliaries. Only Premiums can afford enough oxygen to live a normal life while Auxiliaries spend their time worrying about when their supply will finally run out. Dissenters to the regime are ejected from The Pod to the Outlands where a harsh climate waits for them. Alina belongs to a rebel group set to restore truth into their world. On the verge of capture by Breathe, the Pod's Government, Alina is rescued by a Premium boy and an Auxiliary girl: Quinn and Bea. They escape The Pod but with only two days worth of air. Drifters, harsh climates and the truth. Outside, they unearth conspiracy on a breathtaking scale. Everything depends on their survival.
Do you know the feeling when you realise you are one-page away from finishing a book you don't want to end? That was what I experienced when reading Breathe.  
I loved it. It was a fast-paced, exhilarating read that has a world that was detailed and easily imaginable. Told from the perspectives of Alina. Quinn and Bea, getting to know each character was yet another bonus to this gripping read. Alina is part of a rebel group, fighting for the freedom to breathe, and is a feisty character that doesn't want to accept help. Alina is very different compared to the other female protagonist in this novel, Bea: kind, caring and insightful. She also is so wise and compossionate, it changes the way you think of the other characters through her words. .Quinn has always has enough air to Breathe but despite this, he brings humour into this novel with his bold personality. These main characters also bring in a love-triangle which brings in a romantc side to a perfectly-plotted, action-packed novel. A love-triangle from all three point of views was emotional and heart-warming but was something different that is completely enjoyable to read. Sarah Crossan, the author, was able to create a cast of characters you will want to read about and will be able to find some of yourself in. The way it is told from Alina, Quinn and Bea's point of view, was a choice I loved. Quinn and Bea being best friends, it was great to see their story collide with Alina's. There was so much emotion and a different side to the story as with each chapter, you changed the perspective.
Most Young Adult Dystopia is set in what used to be known as America but Breathe is the future of Britain. Breathe is a complex world and set up but you also get to, throughout the book, learn more about the state of the other countries in the world. Unlike other dystopias, it tells you what is happening elsewhere whilst giving a glimpse into the future. The scenes were detailed and was full of gorgeous writing. The Outlands are easy to imagine and give you a clear picture of the world that is left. As I have said before there is a wide cast of characters but each are easy to remember and part of this novel.
Breathe was just fantastic. It is an incredible read that I loved from start to end, I could never seem to turn the pages fast enough. I found it easy to understand but with twists and turns in the plot and secrets being discovered, it leaves you in constant suspense. I adored getting to know the characters and their personalities and wanted them to succeed throughout the novel. It has a gripping build-up throughout the novel to a cliff-hanger ending. Bea was my favourite character as I found a bit of myself in her but I also adored the love-triangle. In a quite serious novel, you need something that people can really relate to and that is always first-love. A promise when reading Breathe is that it will leave you breathless! A must-read for ages 12+.


Words can't describe how much I loved Breathe-roll on the sequel!


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. I wasn't sure wether to read this one, but your review has made me think I should look out for it next time I go shopping. It is an intresting yet scary concept. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. Fantastic review! I really need to get myself a copy of this, I keep hearing so many good things about it. And I love the cover :) It is futuristic in an exciting way and the purple looks really nice.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I loved this book too hehe! I interviewed Sarah Crossan on my blog and she said the sequel is more exciting and a tad scarier - I can't wait! New follower by the way!
    ~ Ruby @

  4. This book is definitely on my TBR list! I can't wait!

    New GFC Follower here!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros


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