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Love Letters is a new blog feature I will be posting after I have reviewed a book that includes a love interest/triangle or is based around a romance. This week, I am talking about the romance in Breathe.

The love triangle in Breathe is very different to one's that I have experienced when reading before. To begin with, Breathe is told from a three-way-system so, you get every side of the story and without giving away the plot, it's clear who actual likes who and there is no affection shown until mid-point through the book when you know 'They are perfect'. This is when it becomes a romance between two of the characters instead of a love triangle. I really loved this development in the relationship because it was built up throughout the first-half. It also made the plot work and fit as well as adding emotion to it.


Quinn -The man in the middle of the triangle, Quinn clearly likes Alina. He follows her into the Outlands and saves her from being captured by the government. He would do anything for her.

Bea - Sensible, Smart and Insightful but, Quinn's best friend. She's realising she no longer wants just a hug.

Alina - A feisty female fighting for honesty. She knows Quinn likes her but has already experienced what will happen if you fall in love.

Abel - Abel does not really make up the love-triangle but is who Alina wants except, he was captured by Breathe and it is her fault. Abel though, is only part of Breathe for the first chapter.

Bea and Quinn's best moment: That they had always been friends despite being an Auxiliary and Premium and also that Quinn never wanted to go against Bea.

Alina and Quinn's best moment: When Quinn saved Bea from being captured and got her out of the Pod.

Most of the time, I'm not a huge lover of triangles. I enjoyed the one's taking place in both Twilight and The Hunger Games but I find there are too many.  What really ruins love triangles is the teams when people are arguing over who should end up together. I can't help disliking when a book is completely based on the love-triangle and the main character is really naive about their choices. Breathe took a completely different way of telling this story and I loved it. It was emotional and raw but there were other things going on in the book to add action. The romance really said 'They're experiencing young-love' and brought you back to how old they really are. It was told so beautifully and, I was rooting on Bea throughout the novel because of the way she really loved Quinn. Whether they fall in love I won't say but the romance was there for such an insightful reason. It builds up and doesn't let down.

I was rooting for Bea and Quinn. Have you read Breathe? Who was your ideal pairing?

What do you think of this new feature?
Would you like to see another?


  1. I really like this feature! I wasn't too keen on Bea to begin with (I found her rather annoying)... Whereas I loved Alina's character the whole way through. Bea grew on me towards the end, and because she loved Quinn so much, I guess she deserved him the most. I don't really think Alina needed Quin to be honest... :)
    ~ Ruby @

  2. I really don't think that it's a very strong love triangle, if there is a proper one at all. I think it's clear by the end that, what was once there is now gone.
    I really didn't feel anything for Quinn and found Bea a bit pathetic. Although I enjoyed Breathe, it wasn't one of my favourite novels.

    Thanks for sharing, Sophie!


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