Embarcing My Inner Geek - Getting to Geek-Out

This should have been written and posted yesterday, but, we all now how bad I am at organisation! But, I still want to celebrate Lucy's Blogoversary and she has asked us all to post this feature as a Meme. Since I have been following Lucy's Blog since the days of Read, Write, Eat, Sleep and spend most of my time online chatting to her over Twitter, I couldn't wait to Geek-Out for a whole post.

Embracing My Inner Geek is a feature hosted by Queen of Contemporary and enables bloggers to geek out once a week and ramble on about geeky and nerdish things.

Most people think being a Geek is bad. Or used to. When Geek Girl by Holly Smale was published it taught us to be ourselves, and that's what I loved about the whole book. Now, I find myself the owner of some very cool Geek badges, and the Geeky Glasses. I could never understand why when one of the more popular people in school could go round with shirts stating that they are a 'Geek' or where the glasses, and it would be cool. Where actually being a Geek was not seen at that. Admittedly, we still have a few more people to drag over to our side but, I'm proud to be a Geek and there are many things that make me one.
If my bookshelf doesn't show I am a Geek, nothing else will. I don't just take up my own shelves, but they are books seamlessly placed around the whole house. I don't have a huge collection of books, although my mum likes to say I have my own library. I'm allowed to say that my bookshelf is what I take pride in. It's need to look perfect, and be regularly stacked of course. I went into Waterstones yesterday, and there was a girl working there that was wearing a Geek Girl badge and Mockingjay pin. Our conversation:
Me: I have the Geek badge and the Mockingjay Pin!
Her: That's because we're awesome
If I wasn't a Geek, these moments wouldn't happen. I think that's what makes me happy to be a Geek is the family in it. We can all geek-out together over book releases, movies and everything else in general.
As you all know, I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games and as a geek, I'm allowed to express my
love for it. I mean, if I wasn't, I couldn't spend time talking about them in school. In my room, I have posters, a calendar, the books and a Peeta Mellark Blanket along with a bracelet and the Mockingjay Pin.
My notebook collection is small, but ever-growing. The fact I love walking through Staples and WHSmith admiring stationary, is why it's getting bigger. My latest love interest is Vintage so, I'm on the hunt for anything to decorate my bedroom. I don't know what I would do without notebooks and, of course, Posted Notes.
Other things that show I'm a Geek would probably be my Youtube Subscriptions List. I love getting to be a part of Nerdfighteria, and although only being recently joined, this is one of the main reasons people should be Geeks. We get to watch John and Hank's awesome video's and freak-out over how good they are as much as we want. Nobody can judge us for it.
Remember to wear your Geekery Like a Badge!  


  1. Great Post Sophie and I agree that have Geeks to Geek-Out with is one of the best things about being a Geek. I think that's so cool that the girl had both a Mockingjay and Geek badge because well that girl would have been my new best friend, haha. It was a pleasure collaborating with you. Are you going to post it on your blog?

    PS. I need one of those Geek badges where can I get one?

  2. Gret post! I agree that the term "Geek" has been a little bit.. misused. People now see Geek as a cool trend, which may be. I mean, we can be geek and still be cool/popular, but the whole point of Geek is missing sometimes: "being an intellectual, having a passion for reading, good student, etc".. I am proud to be a bit Geeky and ramble about Lord of The Rings and other things. It´s so fun!
    Have a nice day!

  3. I LOVE this post! We should be proud of being geeks and express our love for reading. The conversation between you and the woman at Waterstones is amazing - I love it when bookworms come together! :D Lucy offered to send me some of her geek badges and I am so excited about them.

    I have an evergrowing stationary collection too. If you walk into my bedroom, you'll see that it belongs to a geek! Thanks for sharing, Sophie :)


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