Prologue: No More Choices

I've decided to start work on a novel, and this is a Prologue I have pieced together. Whether or not I will continue with it, I'm unsure, but if you want me to continue I definitely will. It's set in the future of Britain, where, the Government have been overpowered and a new King is in place. After yet another War, King Quantis is on the search for power but Rebel Groups still remain. Except, the Monarchy don't want competitors, so now all the Teenage Rebels must be obliterated.
"Charlie?" Father appears in the doorframe and I quickly snap shut my computer "This is addressed to you"
Father hands me a white envelope, made of an expensive material. The Royal Stamp of Sercurus is pasted on the seal and my name, as Father had said, is printed onto the front in an elegant hand. As my Father turns around, I call after him "What did you do?". When he doesn't reply, I pull myself up from my desk in my room and head after him "What is this?"
"Open it and see" He comments, attempting to waves my fears away. My stomach lurches.
"Look, it's not everyday Quantis pays me any attention" I look up at him, my Father, in his uniform. The War between Us and America is over, for now, so he wears the uniform of the Upper-Hand Guard. A simple black shirt and plain trousers, his shirt tucked in and a belt with a metallic buckle resembling the Seal on the letter I received. A red sash is placed over his shoulder with badges marking his bravery placed on his left side. Boots immaculately polished hit the floor with every step he makes, the tread making it easy to run in sudden attacks. His light brown hair is almost covered by the hat he wears, everytime he passes a Lady, removed for respect as he bows.
"You should always address him as King Quantis, no matter where you are" He corrects me, "The Palace would arrest you for treason"
"Don't they have better things to worry about, instead of a sixteen year-old girl with uncorrect Grammer?" I ask, hoping for the sight of a smile tugging at his lips. Instead he scowls, lines creasing his forehead.
"Charlie, I know you have your own thoughts on the Government but you’re the only person I have left" He tucks his hand under my chin and forces me to look at him "Inside that letter, there is a contract you have to sign"

"Contract?" I ask. This isn't good.
"Yes" He sighs "It's important, and no matter what you think, you have to sign it" He hands me his black fountain pen.
"Father, you know me better than that" I say, "I won't deny myself honesty, it's one of the only things we get a say in anymore"
"I can promise you, if you do not sign this letter" He holds it up "You will lose honesty and much more" The last part was barely audible but I could still understand.
"Father, what-"
"No more questions" He states "Everthing you need to know is in there"
"What about you?" I whisper. I already have no mother, I'm not about to become an Orphan like the bare-footed, hungry children I see begging on the streets.
"Already signed, I've been working closely with Securus for years on this, Charlie" 
"A few years?" I need to see this for myself. I make my way back through out mine and my Father's Apartment, in the South of Opulent, a few minutes walk from the Palace. It has stood for many years, monarchs of Great Britain walking the corridors, people filling the streets to celebrate Jubilee's and Royal Weddings. As technology has evolved so have the people and no longer do they just want life. Life isn't good enough anymore. Nor is freedom. Power is what most fight for now. Securus, eighty years-ago still stood as Great Britain. It was overcome with famine and poverty but the Government was still in Power.  Then America and South Korea began a War, at first fighting for the simplest of Human Rights which brought the Thrid World War. Every member of the British Governemt and Monarchy were murdered. Once the War had ended, only to leave us, a few decades later facing everything again, we had to elect new rulers. Until they found there were some relatives of the Original Monarchy and placed them in power within days. Securus, known for his unflinching and fearless attitude that gave us a few more years. 
I turn into my room, wallpaper of different patters and textures covering the walls and books piled high in the corners. Bedding strewn across the carpet along with clothes. I sit down at the desk and reach for the Fountain Pen I put into my pocket. I throw the letter onto my desk, and sit and stare at myself in the mirror for a while. Blonde hair that normally hangs past my shoulder but today is tied back upon my hair, with loose strands hanging down by my face. Pushing my computer to the side, leaving looking at my green eyes with wonder, I carefully open the letter, moving my hand over the intricate detail of the Royal Seal. Taking a deep breath, a pull out the sheath of paper inside and stifle a cry. Why me? And as I read on, I soon see why. I bury my head in my hands and this time I scream in frustration. My Dad has been planning this, and somehow he has left me with no more choices.

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  1. What can I say but.... WOW!!! You are 13 years old and you can write like this.. seriously you are so talented. I have all these idea's but i'm not very good at writing full stories. This has so much potential, it's so well written and already I can feel myself admiring Charlie and curious to find out what's written in the envelope. Please continue to write this, i'd love to hear more.

    PS. Thanks for your lovely comment, it really made my day. Especially since your blog is a real inspiration to me. I made the labels using a site called 1001 fonts and i just chose a font, typed it in and dragged the image to the desktop. So I didn't download anything. That particular font is called Peach Sundress but there are a number of others. Here's the link:

    Right now I'm just working on the answers for the "Playing with your emotions tag" and will send them to you shortly. And my copy hasn't come through yet of "Invisible Girl". I look forward to seeing your blogaversary celebrations :D

    - Sunny x (sorry for the long comment)

    1. Awh, thank you so, so much! It means a huge amount. I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you right now. Of course I'll write more! Thanks for reading.

      Thanks for the link and for being a part of this blog! You've made it better!

      -Sophie x

  2. OOHH!!! I LOVE it! Like Sunny said, you are so talented to be writing like that at 13 years old. I have just started working on a novel too but it still needs work :/ Good luck with writing the rest of it! I hope we hear more soon! Hint hint :D

    Happy Blogoversary for Monday! WHOOP :D

    1. THANK YOU! It means so much, and helps me write more because I know someone wants to know.

      Oooh, and thanks for being a part of the blog!

  3. My God you are an incredible and talented writer! I can´t wait to see what happens! Hope to hear from it soon :D
    Love, xx

    1. Awh, thank you! I appreciate it so much!

      Thanks for linking about your blog. I'm going to head over and follow it now.


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