The Invisible Girl Blog Tour Day 1 - Introduction!

This week, from May 24th - 31st, it is The Invisible Girl Blog Tour! I have been planning this for around two months now and with the help of the author, Kate Maryon and other bloggers it's finally here. I will be hosting today and on the 31st but remember to check out the other posts on the tour:

25th May - Here!
30th May - Kate Maryon's Blog (Check it out now for a brand-new competition) & Rebekah(Reflections of a Bookworm)
31st May - A Day Dreamers World ( Home sweet home!)

Throughout the tour, keep tweeting using #IGBlogTour and make sure to keep up to date by following both my account(@DayDreamsWorld) and Kate Maryon's (@KateFJMaryon). Throughout the tour there will be reviews, interviews and stories from the people out there, living on the streets as I write and you read this.

Invisible Girl is out on June 6th and deals with issues surrounding homelessness, freedom and at times domestic abuse. It is both heart-warming yet though-provoking.

Gabriella Midwinter used to have a home. She wasn’t invisible back then…

One day Gabriella comes home to find her bags pack, her dad and her horrible step-mother waiting, ready to leave. Without her. From there she is thrown into life on the streets in search for her only hope, her long-lost brother Beckett. Having been caught between arguing parents and moving house, she knows she is know more alone than ever before. She soon realises that the busy city streets are no place for a young girl. But, where can she turn to?

For fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson.
To kick start the tour, a question: If you were Gabriella, what three things would you want to find in your rucksack while on the streets? Tweet using #IGBlogTour or Comment!
Kate Maryon would also like to thank you for joining in with the tour!

To find out more about this book: Goodreads | Twitter | Website


  1. This is such an awesome tour!

    I can't wait to see the other posts, and I'm excited about posting mine!

  2. Yay can't wait, thanks for letting me be part of this

  3. Woohoo! Can't wait for my post and all the others ;)

  4. Woo! This book looks great! Looking forward to the tour! :)


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