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Earlier this week we finally got to see the first official trailer for Divergent - the movie adaptation of Veronica's Roth dystopian novel. For anyone who hasn't yet been able to get their hands on a copy, I urge you to immediately! Set in futuristic Chicago, at age sixteen a person must choose where they belong between five factions, all with different traits: Abnegation(the selfless), Amity(the peaceful), Candor(the honest), Dauntless(the brave) and Erudite(the intelligent). Born into an Abnegation family, this novel follows the journey of Tris Prior, who must choose between remaining with her family or choosing a new faction. When an aptitude test takes place to help Tris make her decision, the test is inconclusive, making her Divergent. Instead of the normality of showing aptitude for one, she shows it for three: Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. A revolution that puts her life at risk.

I read Divergent almost a year ago, along with it's sequel Insurgent so, was really excited to see the first look of the world and some of my favourite scenes. Here's the first official trailer:

As someone who loved the book, I thought this trailer was OK. That was my first reaction, along with the let out of a little sigh. Despite loving the casting for Tris(Shailene Woodley), Tori(Maggie Q) and Jeanine Mathews(Kate Winslet) I found that the trailer didn't make me excited: didn't make me ask questions such as, "What can I do until Divergent hits theatres?". In my opinion, I feel it looks a lot different here than in the book. One of my pet-peeves to do with this trailer is a line of, "They can't control you" - is that foreshadowing? I feel like it's giving away things that are un-known at that time of the plot. As well as Four's conversation with Tris where he says, "I know what you are" - I'm sure Tris told him, and he had only suspected?

It's the every-detail-must-be-perfect person inside of me that wants it to be an exact replica of the book, which I know can't happen or it would be the size of a whole film franchise in itself but, I wanted more action, more tension, more excitement. I wanted the detail of the fractions thrown in and maybe some stimulation scenes, more of the Capture-the-Flag and Ferris Wheel scene. Maybe more of the Dauntless Headquarters in itself. I just wanted to love it.

Although, it's not all bad in the world of dystopian Chicago because, despite my maybe-a-little-old attitude towards the casting of Four, I love Shailene Woodley as Tris! She seems to embody the strength Tris has, that unexpected power and courage. "Don't try to define me" made me think, "This IS Tris!" and I'm so glad they cast her right. Other parts I loved: that kiss! Did anyone else catch it? I think that, along with how perfect the knife-throwing scene is, made the trailer for me! Tris' expression when she looks up, and her eyes are glazed over in tears, is amazing! It works perfectly!
I feel like though, this trailer doesn't do what should  be a fantastic movie justice, because this featurette soon appeared online and made me much more excited. We see a lot more compared to the trailer and it looks action-packed and exciting. More importantly, it looks true to the book. Just, LOOK AT THE INSIDE OF DAUNTLESS! There's also 'The First Jumper' scene in more detail, a stimulations scene which I'm really looking forward too and some of the finale action sequences. I will say that this does have some spoiler in it:

What do you think of the first trailer for Divergent? Was your favourite part of the book featured? Were you eating Dauntless cake to celebrate it's release? Do you think the Featurette shows the film in more detail? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I'm trying to stay positive about this adaptation, but this trailer did have some problems.
    I love Four!! But I'm not sure about Shailene. she's been cast in a lot of films lately and I haven't seen her act yet. I caught the kiss!
    I loved the scene of her jumping of the building and of the knife nicking her ear.
    I don't think anyone is entirely happy with the trailer, but hopefully this film will be amazing.
    *fingers crossed*
    ~Tilly @ Hardcore Heroines

    1. I'm trying to stay positive too! It did have it's problems when all I wanted to do was shout about how much I loved it. I actually really like Shailene Woodley as Tris and Hazel, I think she'll play them both well. I have my reservations about Four!

      I love the knife-scene too! Thanks for commenting, Tilly!

  2. I'm in two minds about it :( I love the casting but sometimes Theo James just seems too old! And they give a lot away in the trailer which sucks but keeping my hopes up that it's a good adaptation! :)

    1. Definitely agree with you when it comes to Four! I felt like they didn't give away enough about the world in the trailer! Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. Hmm like you I thought the trailer was ok but it didn't provoke any reaction from me. I liked the book but I found the hype ruined it for me. I think Kate Winslet will do great. But I still doubt Theo as Four, i don't know. This movie hasn't got me excited, but I hope it turns out great. Thanks for sharing, fingers crossed.

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

  4. I'm not too sure what to think yet. It's not like City of Bones where I was dying to see the movie. I don't really like the casting for Tobias as he looks like a 30 year old man and he's meant to be 18. And I don't see the chemistry that Four and Tris is meant to have. The world looks very fake but I guess that's why it is a Dystopia but I'm not too sure what to expect...I don't have high hopes. I think we will either be amazed or just down right disappointed. The scenes I am looking forward to is capture the flag and the fear landscapes!

  5. I'm really not sure what I think of the Divergent trailer... Which is frustrating! The only thing I know for certain is that I love the jump off the train (it's done so well and looks really cool)! Apart from that I don't really have much thoughts... (I'm avoiding the topic of Theo James as it always works me up when I talk about it. He's just so old! -.-)

    I also watched the featurette not long after the trailer and found that it made me more excited! ^.^

  6. This is the first time I've seen any trailer for Divergent. The official one made me leap with joy at the memory of reading the book but the little snippets of scenes gave away too much and yet too little. I don't like that it shows tris and Four kissing and I wish I'd seen more of tris jumping from the train and building....
    The featurette is really gripping. I love the part where Tris and Four are climbing the ferris wheel.
    AAaah, I just can't wait for the movie!!! ^_^ x
    Marian ^_^ x


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