Wednesday Writing: 'Long Lost Lovers'

I can't quite believe that this is my first 'Wednesday Writing' post of the year! I was thinking about posting a short-story, but then I decided to share with you a poem I wrote at 12am over school holidays. I've been told the layout looks like the Oak tree I wrote about; can you see this?
Thank you once again to Ruby for the gorgeous banner!
Interspersed in the forest,
Bright coloured flowers bloom,
Violet and crimson,
A deep-sea blue.
Thorns woven together,
Etched in-between the trees,
Making their own pathway,
Yet, nobody knows where it leads.
An aging Oak-tree,
Gnarled hands reaching out,
Towering over the others,
A boss singled-out.
One tire swing hangs,
Breaking-branch; rope tethered thin,
Always moving slightly,
Even though there's no wind.
The story of long-lost lovers,
Whispered throughout the woods,
A pair of initials,
Carved into wood by hand.
An elderly man meets,
One young girl that runs.
Clutching onto his walking-stick,
Keeps grip of the flowers in his arms.
Bird song flows through the forest,
Long lost lovers kept apart by time.
Even though their worlds may be separate,
They still sometimes collide.
I hope you liked it! 
Feel free to tell me what you thought in the comments!
This piece of writing belongs to Sophie Louise.
 Please don't copy my hard-work.

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