Fandom Freak-Out: The Fault in Our Stars Film Review!

Not so long ago, I attended an advanced screening of The Fault in Our Stars,  where I also picked up a limited addition poster(which I've already managed to tear) and a fan pass to the event. I read John Green's novel at the beginning of last year, and ever since I heard the news about the movie adaptation being made, I've been following the castings, the trailer releases and videos posted on the Vlogbrothers' YouTube channel. Going into the screening, all I wanted was for this movie to stay true to the novel, and it did just that. There's no surprise, then, that this is now one of my favourite adaptations.
Hazel Lancaster, played by Shailene Woodley, spends most of her time at doctors' appointments, watching Reality TV shows or reading An Imperial Infliction. But, in a relationship that begins at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel meets oblivion-fearing Gus Waters - Ansel Elgort - and their stories are completely written. The Fault in Our Stars is a film about life, and more importantly, how to live it. It's a near-perfect adaptation of the novel; with both a beauty and brutality that will cause tears to form in your eyes. Take note: this is how you take a book and make a movie that fans will adore.
I loved this adaptation. To describe it, in any form of coherent thought, it would be using these words. I'm certain, just like the crowd of teenage girls also in the cinema, that I was not the only one waiting to see how it compared to the novel. The bestselling novel. The award-winning novel. It's a difficult act to follow, admittedly; and one that would make me cower in a corner. However, The Fault in Our Stars was a heart-wrenching film with a plot that captured everyone watching from start to end. Throughout though, I found myself letting out muffled sobs and, only a few minutes later, struggling to contain my laughter. It balanced perfectly on the scale. Not for one moment did this film become insensitive; opening my eyes to how unfair the world can be. I felt angry and upset - exactly how it was meant to be. It had a heart-breaking plot, but also a little humour.

From recent posts and tweets, you may have noticed that I was unsure about the casting choices, having already seen the two central actors play brother and sister(Tris and Caleb) in Divergent. Not for one moment, though, did I see them as their characters from another successful book adaptation. Woodley tackled her role with ease; so perfectly capturing the heart of her character and the book. Portraying someone who is terminally ill is always going to be challenge but, she did it realistically, with no sugar-coating. The acting during this film was knife-sharp - the pair on point as they muttered quotes taken straight from the page - especially during scenes where their illnesses are discussed. You find yourself forgetting for brief moments about their cancer, as romance is included. Stepping away from Hazel's character, Gus's smile and charm were executed brilliantly by Ansel Elgort, who could not have been a better choice. Whether it was his infamous, "It's a metaphor" scene or him confessing to Hazel that he lit up like a Christmas tree, Elgort's acting was enigmatic.  
The Fault in Our Stars is, no doubt, a heart-shattering film. The screenwriters wrote a beautiful-script,  evidently with respect for real-life cancer sufferers, whilst barely straying from the storyline we all fell in love with initially. What struck me the most, though? The sense of normality they achieved throughout. The clothing choices were realistic, too-big shirts and worn denim jackets, resembling the lives of almost every teenager. The love of books, reality TV shows and video games that were included achieved what John Green set out to show - that they are still human. The serious themes, prominently Isaac's(Nat Wolff) blindness, had no filter. There was no tucking this away and hiding it until later. The Fault in Our Stars is a film of all emotions.

Have you seen TFiOS yet?
If so, what were your favourite scenes?
If not, what are you most looking forward to seeing?
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  1. I faugut the film is amazing , i crying and laguh (espspecial atr Gus) and cast were amzing . Aslo loved the song Boom Clap.

    1. I love Boom Clap too - and, of course, I was crying!

      Glad you liked it!

      -Sophie :)

  2. I LOVED the adaptation. It was perfect. I agree with every single word of your review because I felt exactly the same!! :D xx

    1. YAY! I'm so glad you loved it too!

      Thanks, Rita!

      -Sophie :)


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