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The World from YA Eyes is posted fortnightly on Friday and is one of my favourite features to write. Despite loving book blogging, I also adore writing opinionated articles and causing discussions so, still wanting to keep in with the book-theme of this blog, The World from YA Eyes is where I talk about the latest issues threatening to turn our world into one we would expect to see in a dystopia novel.

Wednesday Writing is posted fortnightly on a quite self-explanatory Wednesday, and is when I share mainly short-stories and poems that I have written. I'm never found without a pen or book in-hand.

Page-turning Predictions is posted whenever a highly-anticipated read is nearing it's release date. Of course, we all like to make our own predictions as to what will happen to the characters, and this is a feature where the discussion can be kick-started.

 Casting the Characters follows the reviews of books I would most like to see on the big-screen. Whilst book adaptations continue to dominate the box office, and more are announced each month, it's no surprise that some of us are disappointed at times. This feature allows us to choose who we would want to take on the roles of our favourite characters - even though we can't influence the casting decisions!

Fandom Freak-Out does not yet have a banner - but discusses the latest book-to-film adaptation casting-news, posters and trailers, as well as featuring film reviews, every time there is something new

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