Just a quick update about the latest polls on my sidebar. I don't know whether to read 'Harry Potter' by J.K Rowling or 'The Twilight Saga' by Stephanie Meyer, what do you think I should read this Summer? Also, I'm looking for more ways to improve my blog so what type of posts would you like to see more of? You can vote by checking out the polls on my sidebar NOW!

My first writing competition closes on August 11th so you still have a quite a while to write and send your entries to me at ! You can find out more about the competition and what the prizes are HERE! I have decided to ask KATE MARYON to be a guest judge for this competition. I will be sending her the top three entries for her to help me choose the winners. This means that a popular author could be reading your short story! 

Just a very quick update from a day dreamers world,

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  1. Ooooh, good idea!! And I've got three different subjects that I want to write about, but I WILL send it off before I come down to Wales next week, promise!!<3


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