My Opinion & Question of the Week #4

This Friday it's the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics! So, I decided to do my opinion this week on 'What I think of the Olympics?'

What are the London Olympics going to do for the country? My opinion is that the money that has been spent on the Olympics could be better spent elsewhere. Once the Olympics are over when will the giant Mcdonalds that has been built right next to the stadium be used exactly? What about the stadium itself?

The biggest Mcdonalds in the world-seriously? What a waste of money and it will only be open for SIX WEEKS!

This is my point, there are problems in the country and places and people that could benefit from the money that has been spent on the games. There are places that are still ruined after the London riots last Summer, why not spend the money on tidying these areas first and helping set people's businesses back up? This would help the country in the long run. The Olympic and Paralympic Games only last for a month, if we improved the country people would benefit for a lot longer. London will also be extra busy, and it's already a really busy place. Did anyone think about the people who live in London?(I don't live in London but I'm just making a point) Why don't they spend the money on tidying up the country and setting up projects for young people? What I'm trying to say is why spend so much money on something that only lasts four weeks when you can actually 
change people's lives?


Do you think all the money spent on the London 2012 Olympics could be better spent elsewhere?

Just an update from a day dreamers world,


  1. Yes! My dad goes on raging about it all the time. We have much more serious problems in the UK rather than spending it on the Olympics. Yes, it is an important event but couldn't they take their sporting games else where? We need to get our act together before completely spin off the subject. To be honest, I am quite proud of our country to be recognised by the Olympics but that's where it ends!

    I don't mind spending the day at that McDonald's though..

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    1. I agree and I'm raging about it all the time now!! It's an important event but isn't the country important too? That's where it ends for me too to be honest and I prefer the paralympics-people are so inspirational!!!!

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  3. Thank you! Of course I'll follow your back, I will do it right after I finish typing this out Shakira:)


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