Author Interview with Cathy Cassidy!

I recently got the chance to interview the fantastic Cathy Cassidy! Over the years I don't think there's one of us that hasn't picked up one of Cathy's books and fallen in love with her characters. In this interview she tells us a bit more about these characters and gives us some advice about becoming writer's ourselves.

Q.Welcome to A Day Dreamers World! When did you first start writing?
A.I've been writing forever, just about - the impulse to create stories has always been there, long before anything was ever published! 

Q.As a child, what were your favourite books?
A.I loved adventure stories... CS Lewis' Narnia stories, Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series, Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books, and many more. 

Q.Who was/is your inspiration?
A.My lovely dad. He wasn't a writer - he repaired cars for a living - but he was a dreamer. He taught me to dream big and to work hard to make the dreams happen. And he believed in me.
Q.What has been the best piece of advice you've been given or have given?
A.You want to be a writer? Then write!  

Q.What has been your favourite moment in becoming the amazing author you are today?
A.Being told over the phone that I had a book deal... I was so shocked I burst into tears. My husband thought it had all fallen through and brought me a cup of tea and told me not to be sad, there'd be other chances. Awww! 

Q.Is there any masterpieces(books) out there that you wish you had created?
A.Too many to list! Some amazing teen books these days - I especially love American authors like Jerry Spinelli, David Levithan & James Howe.

Q.Out of the characters you have created, who is most like you?
A.Miss Quinn from Driftwood... I was a high school art teacher too, and like Miss Quinn I had been known to hide random stray animals in the art stock cupboard... ;o) 

Q.Have you based any of your characters on someone you've met?
A.Not really - never a good plan, and inventing characters is much more fun. Little details from real-life people do sneak in, though.... 

Q.Are any of your stories based on your personal experiences?
A.Not really, although the character of Daizy Star who is always looking for her star quality and never quite finding it is very like me. She's chaotic and impulsive... yup, that's me! 

Q.If you could spend 24 hours in the shoes of one of your characters, who would it be?
A.Probably Scarlett or Honey. I am drawn to the lost, angry, fiery characters as they're quite different to me... but they fascinate me! 

Q.Have you got any advice for young people who would like to become authors?
A.Write every day... and write about the things you care about. That passion will show in your work. Check out the WRITER'S WORKSHOP page on for more tips! 

Q.You've written a lot of books for young girls, have you got any plans to do young adult?
Maybe one day... I just need to find an extra 24hours or so in every day! 

IA.f readers are interested in buying your books or in finding out more about you where can they go for more information?
The main website, or the official Facebook page, (Remember you need to be over 13 to use Facebook) 

Fire Round!

Q.Fiction or Non-Fiction? 

Q.Blockbuster or Classic? 
A.Neither, really - the quirky, cool read is the one for me! 

Q.Futuristic or Present? 

Q.Laptop or Pen&Paper?

Q.Trilogy or Stand Alone? 
A.Stand alone

Q.Allustrations or Just Writing?
Either - love them both! 

Many thanks!

A massive thank you to Cathy Cassidy for answering my questions and being so honest! 
By the way, this weekend you can expect both a Hunger Games DVD Review & the Writing Competition Results!


  1. I love Cathy Cassidy! You are so lucky to interveiw her. Love this post!!

  2. She's my fave author- you are soooo lucky! Fab post!

  3. Thank you! Really happy you liked my interview!

  4. I love her so much! Lucky you!

    1. Welcome back Emily! I love her too, she's such an amazing author! Thank you!


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