Competition Winners!

I have finally decided to post the results for my Writing Competition held throughout August and into September! Thank you to all the entries I received, they were all so different! In this competition Kate Maryon was my guest judge and I sent the Top Three entries to her, picking our favourite and one runner-up.

As for the prizes:
  • The winner will get the chance to choose 10 questions that they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me.
  • Your story will be posted to this blog.
  • Your very own guest post on this blog.
  • And...A book  sent to you by a mystery author!(To yet be revealed)
The runner up will receive:
  • The runner-up will get the chance to choose 5 questions they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me.
  • Your story will be posted on a separate page for Competition Winners, which will stay up for two weeks.
So, onto the winners!

First up our runner-up Marian with her story 'My Little Summer Adventure' it really captured the whole idea behind the competition and it kept you guessing! It was really imaginative too! If you want to view it, you can find it on a Competition Winners page, launching tomorrow!

Onto the winner,

Congratulations Jasmine your story Midnight In The Park was beautifully written! I was gripped from the beginning because of the suspense. Kate Maryon's comment was, "Definately the winner, really beautifully written"

*Jasmine please can you send me your story in email format, thanks*

Congratulations to both the winners! I will be emailing you very shortly about my next author interview and who it will be with for the questions!

Another BIG thank you to Kate Maryon for helping me judge!  


  1. Replies
    1. You deserved it! Your story was so powerful and it kept me on the edge of my seat! I would love to read more(If you want to write more...?) By the way did you send me a copy of your story through email format-so I can post it?
      Sophie:) x

  2. Awww thanks! I really didn't think mine was good enough!
    Marian :D x
    Maybe if you want you could enter mine...?

    1. Yours was really good! I loved it!
      Of course I'll enter yours too


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