REVIEW: Perfectly Reflected by S.C Ransom

'Theft, Lies, Love.
Someone wants Alex's life'

Name: Perflectly Reflected
Author: S.C Ransom
Series: Small Blue Thing Trilogy
Pages: 326
Publisher:Nosy Crow
Published: 2011

Perflectly Reflected is the second book in the Small Blue Thing Trilogy! If you haven't read the first, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

Alex owes Callum her life. When Callum saved all her memories from his evil, once Dirge sister Catherine, he had to empty his amulet to do so. Now he is paying a high price. Already stuck in the existence of a Dirge, living in the bleak world of half misery it is now worst. An empty amulet means no happy memories to keep him from going deeper into despair. All Alex wants is to be happy but as Callum is kept away from her at the times she needs him most, someone wants revenge. Who hates Alex that much? What has she done? Whoever it is, they won't stop until they get what they want. Whoever they have to hurt, Alex's life is going to be as miserable as they're own.

A beautifully written, heart racing sequel to Small Blue Thing. This book was page turning, with twists and turns in this heart pounding plot. Perflectly Reflected is a story where you can trust no one. The romance between Cullum and Alex is strong, an unbreakable bond. This novel is told from Alex's perspective which makes it better, with her powerful emotions and the questions she asks, like Why?  S.C Ransom pieces Alex's emotions together beautifully so she feels so normal to you, yet living with these secrets and dealing with a person you won't stop at anything to get their revenge. With an opening line that grips you instantly, this is a book that will keep you up till the early hours just to finish it. The tension builds throughout this story to get to an exhilarating conclusion. S.C Ransom writes a fantastic romance, with strong characters and an original and heart-racing plot!
Rating: 5/5
Recommend Age: 11+


  1. I really love the cover and have admired it for a long time but have never actually thought about buying the book. Maybe I'll have to give it a go! <3

    1. The covers are incredible and the most gorgeous book covers I've seen in a while! The books are beautifully written and you just fall in love with the characters! Definitely worth giving a go, you won't be disappointed(Promise)


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