My Opinion: Why I read?

I'm always asked this question or at least something similar, more likely to be "Why do you like books so much?" This happens when I mention I like reading and people look at you like you've just admitted to committed a crime. Which, of course you haven't. The main reason I read is for enjoyment. It's simple but I've always enjoyed reading since I can remember. My first memory is after finishing an Enid Blyton book called 'The Nuaghtiest Girl in the school'. It's the first in the series but strangely, I've never completed reading it. I remember feeling really proud after I finished it and got really excited. That is my first proper memory when it comes to my reading and I've stuck with it: moving through Enid Blyton, onto Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo, to the author's I'm reading now. Another reason is definitely being able to enter another world, a place in the possible future, in the past or even the present. Stepping into somebody else's shoe's for a while or being able to go on adventures you wouldn't have ever dreamed of. I have to admit I love a book that you find yourself crying in, not just because an event while reading, the fact the characters have really connected to you. You get to become friends with people as you follow their journey or fall in love with the characters who become real. Another reason is to escape into a different place when you are worrying about school or the daily stresses of life. The emotions you can experience when you pick up a book is amazing and you can also learn so much.

Not mentioning, the hours you can spend talking about a good book after you finish reading it. Whether it's with friends in school, discussing the shock when you reached the cliffhanger ending, or your favourite characters. The feisty-nature of the heroine or the mysterious boy who you just want to get to know. The jokes you can share while discussing how you will never find a boy just like Peeta Mellark - books dare you to dream! Or wondering what it would be like, for example, if you had no choice in being Light or Dark. It's fun!

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