Living like a Symphony(Short Story)

The music plays like a symphony as I make my way through the meadow. There was no escape from what was ringing in my ears, but yet it was beautiful. There are still birds: just a few, but they make themselves heard over the drowning music.  It's like being in two different places-all at once. My dress, the trail dragging behind me, the deep black silk moving as one against m body. There is one leave left on the tree-which I think is a Willow tree.  Flowers bloom in assorted places across the meadow: roses, tulips and daisies. I admit, I've never seen a place like this but I wouldn't be hear unless the music was playing. It's pulling me in, guiding me somewhere. Maybe I will wake up in a moment and laugh at my general stupidity. Walking through a meadow as the sun sets, but there is no end to this meadow. There is though, a split in the middle, a dust path taking up the space. I decide to take it, thinking it could be my only clue. As I get further into well, I'm not sure what but It builds up. The music becomes sharper and quicker, the tempo picking up. Whether I should see this as a warning or a sign I'm not too sure, but decide to take it as something to discover. My blonde hair hangs at waist-length, slightly knotted from the occasional gust of wind. With my feet bare, I can feel the ground beneath me: it's still hot from the day.

I'm getting closer, I can feel it. There is something that has triggered a shiver down my spine. I'm sent into a deep, dark forest by the path that is becoming less and less reliable as I make my way. I tuck my hair behind my ear and take another step into the darkness. The path is hardly visible anymore but somehow I know my way. I hear the faint sound of branches hitting one another, as if they were having a dispute like I have with my younger sister. It's probably nothing. Up above me what looks like a Raven flies by and I stop and stare long after it has flown by. The darkness, the length in it's wings, the effortless power there. The faint howl of what I can only guess is a wolf makes me jump, sending me into a rock. I groan in pain but after assessing myself for wounds I see nothing serious, just a few scratches cutting across my side. Only, they seem to disappear. One minute there, one minute gone. Wounds healed in a second. Just like that.

I realise the music has stopped, which makes the silence all the more piercing. In a place where there is only hope. Hope: the one thing I'm forcing myself to believe. Last resorts welcome I decide to pinch myself but as I had guessed, nothing happens. My mouth is dry though, my tongue like sandpaper with the pain when I swallow reaching a point when I know I need to drink. I have no way to find a lake or a river in this place. I'm disorientated and I'm lost. I'm alone in the one place that I may want to share as well as get out of immediately. Accept, that is when one of the strangest things happen, a map appears. In my left hand, wrapped up in a red ribbon like a old scroll. Even the paper looks dated and aged. Like it has been around for longer than I have lived. I take a look around me and with no one in sight and slowly open the scroll. A river, surrounding by a crystal clear water-fall, snow tipped-mountains, deep dark forests, lands of enchanted animals and instruments moving on their own. No control available. It all flashes by me only to turn into a new world. And one that I am now living in.

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  1. Hi Sophie!
    Wow, I'm stunned. Your use of imagery is brilliant! This is beautiful writing, and mysterious as well. Your vagueness to the situation, and specificity to sense-oriented details is a great combination!
    There's a minor tense issue on the first sentence "The music played" which is in past-tense while the rest is in present. Also, did you meant to put "Except" instead of "Accept" in your third paragraph?

    Amazing writing! Keep it up!


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