Let's Talk About: GCSEs

As a Year Ten pupil, I'm currently in the middle of my first year of GCSE stress. Admittedly, I love the subjects I chose to take: Media Studies, History and Food and Nutrition, and these are the hours I adore when in school, but I can't help but still be stressed. The fact remains that I'm realising I have hardly anytime left in school; and this is the hardest to comprehend. Not the endless updates on grades showing I'm doing okay, or the Maths past-papers every week(I saw the homework coming), or the amount of revision I'm now doing, but the way everything I do now matters. I'm realising that, if I stumble and fall now, it could potentially effect my career, and my future. This alone is an incredibly scary thought. Recently, I was looking at College courses, and I felt ready, searching through everything. Then I saw what I needed to get in and thought, "I will never manage a B Grade in Maths" as I'm absolutely awful. I'm hoping to scrape a C!
I didn't write this post to worry you, though! Instead, I wrote it as sometimes you just need to type until your fingers ache about the things that are on your mind; and school is that 'thing' every day - to the point where all my dream seem to be set in my school. They used to be a little more exciting, finding myself in the Hunger Games twice definitely fits that description, but I'm now pretty sure that GCSEs are taking over my life. My existence, even. The revision hasn't even started yet! There is homework, and there are the revision sessions, and those I'm not finding as bad(so far). I don't mind attending revision-classes as these are probably doing more for me than the TV shows I would be watching at home. Although, just like a lot of bloggers I know, and have been moaning to on Twitter, I have horribly high expectations of myself. All the pressure that's there is not from my parents or my peers; it' s from me. As I always have to be perfect at everything. When doing GCSEs this is such a hard-task. To do every piece of work perfectly and to complete every test and CAT(Controlled Assessment Task) without error, is impossible. Putting pressure on myself is currently the biggest problem I'm having to face.

Although, wanting to do well is not a bad thing at all. I think it's good to be determined to get good grades; as this is the aspect that makes you pick up those revision-sheets and revise! Even so, knowing there are just so many exams in a few months time makes me realise that it's going to be really hard to get high-grades in every one. I'm also the biggest worrier in terms of exams and that means I'll be sleep deprived to co-exist with the stress. There must be a fear of failure. Wait, there is: Atychiphobia. Is it only me that thinks that pressure just makes you achieve less? Let's use an example of a recent English CAT, where I knew what I was expected to get, and sat there for hours trying to plan it, as I had writer's block. For a girl who loves to write, knowing that I needed it to be at a certain level meant that I couldn't write.

On the plus side, the coursework and homework is not as bad as I though it would be. It's all about meeting deadlines and doing some work and soon, it's done. I've had moments when I've broken down in tears during these past few months, and I have no doubt there will be more, but I've also had some where I've been extremely proud. Other times, I've ended up cracking up laughing because you just have to laugh at how, really, these things are such a small worry in the world, although so important to an individual.

My studying has begun - and with a one-hundred page Science text book to learn, admittedly I'm quite scared. Anyway, back to the books...
If you're currently working towards results, or GCSEs, how are you coping?
Are you suffering from Atychiphobia?
Tell me in the comments!


  1. I'm in year 10 and I'm stressing a lot too.

    I also have atychiphobia, meaning I panic a lot about getting my results back. I've just done 25% of my English Lit GCSE and, seeing as it's not only a subject I want to do at A Level, but the subject I want to do at university, it was pressurising to say the least. When I got my result back, I was panicking for so many unnecessary reasons (thankfully, I'm incredibly chuffed with my result and all that worrying was over nothing). That said, I still have 75% left and it's all exams and no coursework so I'm inevitably going to panic a hell of a lot about that too.

    In terms of how I'm coping, I feel like it could be a lot worse; I'm not doing drastically terribly in any subject and I've managed to keep to all the deadlines. But, like you, I worry a lot about my exams and can never sleep the night before… it's just argh, I panic even thinking of them.

    But anyway, this post was SO relatable Sophie and good luck with all your upcoming tests!

    1. Bloggers against GCSEs. It's like The Hunger Games; although the stakes may be slightly lower!

      As I talked about a lot in this post, I have atychiphobia as well! I go through the exact same things as you mentioned! I'm really happy that your results were great! You deserve them! I definitely feel a lot of pressure when it comes to English! Exams are not my favourite either!

      I'm coping okay too - it's just I have the same sense of panic as you do when the word 'exam' is whispered.

      Thanks, Ruby! You too!

      -Sophie :)

  2. sophie i e-mailed you my comment bc it got too long and..stuff..;)

    1. After our Twitter conversations, I understand exactly how you are feeling! GCSEs are...awful!

      -Sophie :(

  3. Like yourself and Ruby, I'm also in year 10 and I've not been this stressed in a long time.
    Don't get me wrong I want to do well, but I feel like there is so much pressure all the time that often teachers forget that you need space to breathe. I have mock science exams next Thursday and honestly, I'm really panicking as although I have revised, you really want to do well.

    I guess that it could be a lot worse, I've been diagnosed with anxiety and I worry about everything you could possibly imagine, but I'm coping well so far.
    Good luck with everything! x

    1. I'm always stressed; but I've never really been this stressed.

      I completely relate to the fact that you have no space to breathe! I so want to do well, but the amount of pressure on us - and we're still really young - is almost to much! I'm sure you nailed your exams!

      I hope your anxiety doesn't get the better of you too much! I'm sure you will do amazingly - I have no doubt!

      Thanks - you too!

      -Sophie x

  4. Oh god I remember this completely. The best advice I can give you, especially when it comes to exams, is be organised. If you write notes or bullet points of the most important things as you go along, it will make revision so much easier! And dont fall into the trap of revising the subjects you like better first. Other than that I would say try and take a little bit of time each day to relax, and know that 7 or 8 years later, no one will ever ask you about your gcses!

    1. Thank you so much for the brilliant advice, Debbie! You've made me feel much better about them!

      -Sophie :)


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